You can locate hundreds of ways to use social media site for marketing your product and services. Social media site brings a revolution in the overall sale and traffic, if marketed properly using some best SEO techniques. And the most important fact is that, key to every site’s success is through good marketing or advertising. Even if you have really good and considerable content on your site, you still need to promote it to avoid getting missing at the back of the competition. If we talk about the internet society, the best way to accomplish an augment in website traffic and revenue is to take advantage of social media sites. When used correctly, this tool can give a stage for product or service awareness, publicity, networking, and an enormous increase in traffic & sales.

social media landscape 10 Best Social Media Case Studies
Nowadays, companies use social media tool to launch a product and also to interact with its customers. In fact, there are many companies have used social media to promote their brand to improve and some of those companies have achieved remarkable success. So to list out some of those brands, we at honeytechblog have compiled the Top 10 social media case studies that will inspire in some way or the other!

Top 10 social media sites: Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Hi5, My Space, Xanga, Linkedin, Blogger & WordPress.

Listed below are the 10 best social media case studies.

1. Coca-Cola

Coco-Cola social media case study is one of the best examples available out there. The company was also named by Slate’s The Big Money as the brand “making the best use of Facebook,” and their well-publicized Expedition 206 campaign is billed as the company’s largest social media project ever. Coco-Cola has used several ways such as blogging, sharing photos/videos, tweets, social media apps to promote their brand and achieves huge success.


Coco Cola 10 Best Social Media Case Studies

2. X-Men

During the movie release of the X-Men-3, “Last Stand”, it used the social networking site to promote itself. It added that all the users who will add the X-Men profile as a peer can use certain exclusive functionality. As a result of this media plan, almost 3 million members of the community added X-Men as peer in just 1 month. The movie got a huge opening and it became the fourth-biggest movie in box office history.

xmen 10 Best Social Media Case Studies

3. British Airways

The airways launched the program Open skies. This program used social media and community marketing to promote itself. It created a corporate blog to influence the globe trotters. Managing Director Dale Moss even shared a blog with the common people so that they get to know about OpenSkies development. Then he discussed about the meal service and showed people the cabin classes.

British Airways 10 Best Social Media Case Studies

4. Dell

Dell is usually known for its cost-effective methods that it uses and so it jumped in social media to reach people. Back in December, Dell reported that offers from its Dell Outlet Twitter account has booked more than $3 million in revenue attributable to its Twitter posts. It might sound like a small percentage for a company that books $16B in revenue annually–but a nice number however, especially in a dreary economy.

Dell 10 Best Social Media Case Studies

5. SAP

This third largest software company in the world faced a challenge in the year 2002. It wanted to become a platform company using NetWeaver. The company had to open its platform and allow the other developers to use the platform in order to solve their business problems. The company had to interact with several developers across the globe. As a result of which, the company gained global collaboration and adoption of new SAP products increased.

SAP1 10 Best Social Media Case Studies

6. SeaWorld

The main aim of the Journey to Atlantis social media program was to develop contact with the coaster community and bring about alertness regarding Journey to Atlantis. Influential people said that social media will give a chance for SeaWorld to make inroads. So, 22 coaster enthusiast blogs and forums were recognized during its beginning period.

SeaWorld 10 Best Social Media Case Studies

7. British Telecom

Corporate intranets use social media tools to promote their interests. Unlike other companies, BT has completed web liberalization project. The company wanted all its employees to excess social media sites. According to the company, these networking sites, gives a chance to change the way our employees relate with one another, with the customers, partners and also with the suppliers.

British Telecom 10 Best Social Media Case Studies

8. Starbucks got to know about the company and their customers through various social sites. They also used social media in order to promote their ideas. Moreover, the company has forums where the customers can directly interact with Starbucks representatives.

Starbucks 10 Best Social Media Case Studies

9. HP

HP social media case study is another good example, HP social media managers engaged experts who work daily with customers to develop relevant marketing content grounded in true client need and real-life business issues. By combining podcasting with blogging and traditional tech-media syndication, HP now validates its messaging via an extensive buyer audience review process that yields vetted, relevant content that HP marketing can deploy in its ongoing sales and marketing efforts.

hp 10 Best Social Media Case Studies

10. StackSafe

Marketing professionals use social Computing technology in order to startup a community conversation platform. It resulted in better understanding between the company and its customers.

StackSafe 10 Best Social Media Case Studies

It is really interesting to know how corporate have used social media in various ways to promote their products, services and ideas. You can also have a look at Mashable’s interesting list of 35 corporate social media case study. And you can share any of other inspiring social media case studies via comment. Meanwhile, follow us on Twitter and add us on Facebook for better interaction!