A blog is a website which is run by individual or multiple authors. On a blog site, a user can share his/her life experiences or their can be professional purpose. Now a days people are blogging just for the sake of money but their still are souls who consider it to be a passionate part of hobby.

A weblog is a hierarchy of text, images, media objects and data, arranged chronologically, that can be viewed in an HTML browser.’ via blogs.law.harvard.edu

A  professional can fudge his personal blogs but on the other hand, layman need to think twice about the tools, services and the way to have their own blogs.Many technology consultants earns heavily for providing technical consultancy of "dos and don’t".In different purpose a blog site feeding different interesting topics with unique frequently posts can make a blog site popular in short time.

On this post, we are trying to enlist some great blogging service, which is giving for free. While rendering this web we’ve tested maximum blogging service and found lots of website giving free blogging service without better service quality, we left those web companies.So top most services are listed as follows:

  1. WordPress

    Without any knowledge of web server, websites, bloging service or any previous experiences of blogging system anyone can signup for an free account for blogging. They are giving 3 GB free space and unlimited bandwidth and as well user can connect his/her domain with them.

  2. Edublogs

    World’s largest blogging service where only educators are gathering. A teacher and a student connect with each others with faster way and they can share, exchange their knowledge and rich self expertise.

  3. Blogsome

    WordPress MU platform based blogging platform and a fastest growing company which giving free sub domains. They says, it’s easy to signup, easy to manage and easy to get a free blog site.

  4. Blogetery

    Free wordpress hosting service giving to their user. You can connect your domain with them and it’s really awesome.

  5. Blogger

    Top one blogging service on internet. Blogger is great for customization but wordpress is smarter then blogger’s content management system. Blogger was acquired by Google Inc. Blogger giving 1 GB free space plus unlimited bandwidth for free.

  6. Tumblr

    A simple, slick, rich and smooth blogging service. A newbie can start his first blogging experiences with tumblr.com and they are giving free access, domain connection, theme customization features too.

  7. Weebly

    What to get a free site? Weebly giving free blog site opening service, free hosting, design choosing and so on features. All things are given by free of cost and as well it’s looks so professional and advertisement free.

  8. Vox

    This blogging service which is part of sixapart and you can create your personal blogging platform for free.

  9. Xanga

    By socially you can start your blogging and you can get a sub-domain for free of cost.As well you can grow your social networks under xanga’s service.

  10. LiveJournal

    If you’re keeping every day’s experiences on internet by blogging, Livejournal is a great place to express your life style. They are giving blogging space and easily to create your blog page, within a few you can get one account, as well they supporting open id access.

  11. Multiply

    Social networking and blogging service both are merged by them. When you’re opening social networks, automatically you can get blogging service beneath same user account. You can upload photos and make your own photo galleries and as well grow your networks. It has drawback that It’s showing advertisement on your networks or blog site.

  12. Windows Live Spaces

    Microsoft has blogging service, known as Windows Live Spaces. They are giving free of cost but need an email account and lots of limitations it has and as well normally it’s showing advertisement to your blog site and management system is so poor.

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Note: After checking this huge list if you are confused then you should look into who is the most reliable blogging service .Their are other tools and services which can boost your blogging experience so you should also look into this mini guide of best offline blog editors and web publishing tools.Last but not least content is the king and sooner or later you need to feel the content strategy of blogging.