We usually using Microsoft Office Suite and OpenOffice Suite applications on desktop. Without using Office Suite you can not show your productivity or expertise. But, what things will you do, when you don’t have this applications software in somewhere else? Alternatively, on that situation we can use internet based/ web based Office suite applications to complete the task.

  1. Zoho – Office

    After the Google docs, Zoho which is in second position for providing web based office suite. As well, it’s providing customer relationship management, zoho planner, zoho chat, zoho notebook and so on applications.
  2. ThinkFree
    This company giving free web apps suite service for free. Also, they providing web based blogging system which integrated with documents, thinkfree note and file sync, offline file access features and they also providing file management tools.
  3. Google Docs

    Google docs which providing free web based office suite. You can upload files, create new files, access your documents anytime from anywhere, secure storage. Also it has grear apps which introduced offline access. When you have internet you can add or give inputs and when you’re offline still you can get all features but it will sync when net connection connected.
  4. Writely

    Writely the web word processor which is now redirecting to google docs. In previous it was one of the largest web based word process. Anyone can signup and make free documents inside the service and as well you can create, editor, share or download the files later on.
  5. AjaxOffice

    Web based office service and you can get the full taste of documents management and as well it will store all of your data safely.
  6. Num SumWeb based spreadsheets which giving free share of spreadsheets and only the creator or author can edit the spreadsheets later. Securely, you can share with others.
  7. FCKeditor

    A lightweight html text based editor where a user can make his own documents and share it later. It says, text editor for internet. I checked this service, it’s awesome and free and as well you can download for your desktop.
  8. gOFFICE

    gOffice Web Word Wizard is now available for license to install on your own server. To demonstrate the quality of this online word processor, type some text below and click one of the buttons below to download the file to your computer
  9. KikoThis is not fully web based office solution. Nowadays a calender also a productive applications. And it’s providing web based calenders.
  10. OpengooOpen Source based office suite solutions for free. It’s providing most productive, collaborative, communicate and management relevant all types of skill improving items.

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