The power of Android and sleekness of  Samsung  brings a new gadget in the market i.e Galaxy Tab.  I had a word with various technology bloggers and came to to the conclusion which indicates that Galaxy Tab is a better device for optimizing the daily doze of work and life. The main issue that people raised after the launch is the “pricing” of the device but if you looked into following  few reasons you might understand the value proposition :

1. The USP of Tab is that it’s not just a product but an experience, a package of device, services, offers and apps.
2. It has an amazing display , which enables the best no. of pixels for great picture quality.
3. It has a high speed of both upload and download on 3G, that is 7.2mbps and 5.76 mbps respectively.
4. 1GHz processor where as others have 600MHz . High processor speed allows a great experience in multi tasking.
5. 1.3 MP video telephonic camera
6. It is also a phone!
7. It has 3 great aspects:

  • Android 2.2 – Latest from Android. Also has TouchWiz
  • Reader’s HUB – ebooks – free newspapers, ebooks, magazines:
    1. 55 Indian / 1600 international newspapers
    2. 2 million ebooks
  • Free Map my India navigation solution which would otherwise cost 2k+

8. 2 GB memory card
09. Battery life: 1500 hrs standby on 3G. 1000 mins talktime.
10. Supports Flash 10.1, which means rich internet experience.

Some Bonus Reasons

11. Samsung Tab website shall have an apps section. It shall have Indian apps section which starts with 7-8 and shall grow.
12. Think free office is free which is other wise for some 600 bucks
13. Free bluetooth headset worth 3500 bucks,
14. 16 GB inbuilt memory and 32Gb expandable.
15. It allows 5 devices for WiFi tethering.

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