As a Macintosh (Mac) user there will be times where you may want to look up some resources to find solutions to little problems with your Apple desktops and laptops. Since Mac has a very large market base, many websites have been created to provide fixes to common and not-so-common problems. Online is a great avenue to find such help, and the following are a list of 10 websites that have discussions, and provide solutions or workarounds.

  1. Apple Support : Run by Apple, it provides information on all kinds of issues. Additionally, it also provides substantial workarounds for issues that cannot be fixed in a particular version of the product.
  2. Mac World : This site provides latest updates in the Mac world. It is a great source to get help on issues and tips on how to make you Mac product work better for you.
  3. The Apple Blog : This site, apart from providing news and updates. It has forums that you can contribute to; and a host of articles on Mac. Additionally, if you want, you can submit your own articles.
  4. MacFixIt : This is a troubleshooting site that is a part of CNET Reviews. It provides solutions to common problem. It allows you to look through and /or create your own forums of discussion.
  5. Mac Video : This site provides audio-visual, as well as written, reviews and troubleshooting information. It has existing materials and forums that have interesting discussion. However, to access all the contents you have to register.
  6. User Experience : It is a developer website, and therefore a little technical. It provides guides, references, and technical question and answers. It also has technical information like sample codes, technical notes, and release notes.
  7. Cult Of Mac : This site focuses on a range of Mac products and helps users use the product effectively and efficiently. It is for Apple enthusiasts that want information and latest news and updates.
  8. Mac & OS X for Dummies : The Dummies series is very popular, and this site is the internet version of it. It is a beginner’s guide that explains how to use the Mac in an easy to access topic-based interface.
  9. Apple Insider : This site helps users get ‘inside’ information on Apple and the latest updates. Additionally, it has forums that have engaging discussions, reviews of products and information on how to use the products better.
  10. Mac Owners Support Group : As the name suggests, this support group is for and by owners of Mac products. It has members from all across the globe that collaborate and help each other solve Mac-related issues.