Some people say that running after the latest gadgets is like a dog chasing its own tail. Because of the rate of developments in technology, gadgets that come to flood the market today are most likely to go down to half their market value in three months’ time. From analog cellphones in the 80s, the market is now flooded with paper-thin phones packed with features that optimize the computing powers of the cellphone. Also, gaming consoles are becoming very aggressive in terms of introducing new dimensions to the gaming industry such as 3D and 4D graphics, touch interface systems, and motion sensing capabilities.

The world has gone crazy for the latest technology and it did so for good reason. Take the case of the differentiation strategy employed by the worldwide tech magnate Apple. They launched the iPod Classic as the new age of its predecessor Sony’s Walkman. They revolutionized everyone’s music listening experience by packaging a gadget with cool features.

Shortly after that, they released other items with touch interactive capacities and called it the iPod Touch. They also ventured into the world of tiny gadgets and went with iPod Nano and Shuffle for cheaper versions of their iPod Touch device. People went gaga over the items to causing a lingo change. Music players are now referred to as iPods regardless if they’re from Mac or not.

The gadget craze can be very addicting and may escalate to weird and troubling cases really quickly. Here are ten of the many signs that may tell you if you’re becoming or already are a gadget geek.

Sign 1: You go to the hotel for a mini vacation or enter a café for a quick coffee with your girlfriend or boyfriend. After buying coffee from the welcoming sales lady, the first question you ask is, “Do you have WiFi connection?

Sign 2: For the inner reader self you have, you actually managed to find good reason for buying the newest and latest E-book readers the market can offer. You probably own a Nook, a Sony eReader, and a Kindle. If you haven’t bought them yet, you know all about the specs of these three.

Sign 3: suggests that you sleep less than five hours every night.

Sign 4: You think a tub shelf is an amazing innovation and is worth the money spent. Thank the makers who made it possible to use a laptop and other gadgets while soaking in the tub.

Sign 5: You have the chronic urge to collect the whole line of iPods and iPhones that you end up with a number of them more than the fingers you have.

Sign 6: You buy shirts with URLs and IP Addresses and you think that these are cool. Oh! And you also know what URLs and IP Addresses are.

Sign 7: You happen to know where your classmate in the first grade went to college, had a vacation trip, and where he currently works even when you haven’t spoken or communicated with him since then.

Sign 8: You suffer from a serious case of social networking anxiety.

Sign 9: You sleep with your laptop beside you and your Blackberry is within arm’s reach.

Sign 10: Upon waking up, your body tells you that checking the mail and your Facebook news feed is more important than breakfast and bath.

While the symptoms may sound funny in a way, you need to do a personal check on your lifestyle and see how technology has affected your life. Think before buying.