Many of us shopaholics dream of walloping discounts to feed our never ending hunger for shopping! and More shopping! When the sale does arrive, they leave nothing to chance and feel the urge to buy everything. But the mix-up and confusion that they find themselves in, given there’s so much to buy from and not much time left. This is a usual scenario similar to the situation when the human senses are feed too much data, they tend to get confused and end up regretting later.

You could easily overcome such situations with a little planning. What to buy, what you should buy and how much to buy might just be those simple questions. We’re here to help you decide what you could buy this season at the biggest sale of them all, #OMGSale!

Gadgets and Electronics


In the digital age, Gadgets including smartphones, HDTV’s, multimedia players, etc score very high in the list to to-do shopping. Given the sale season, making an investment in such electronic items makes sense and therefore this category features at the top of the list of things you can buy on #OMGSale and other such sales.



Earthlings are getting more and more fashion conscious and the first action they take to revamp their fashion statement is to change what they carry on themselves. Moreover, the biggest discounts are on clothing. Flat 50% to even 70% at times are a common scene. The other reason is the regular change in trends in the industry.



“The shoe is very much an X-ray of social comportment.” A very fitting quote by Christian Louboutin, footwear is no longer a means of keeping your feet wear free but a social statement. Steel toed Timberland’s or Steve Madden’s pointies, we all have a little bit of girl in us for footwear and you should definitely try buying some online.



Watches, sunglasses, jewellery, bangles and lots more. They might be small in size but they definitely add flavour to the get up. Try your luck online and you would be amazed to see how vibrant and variegated you could get.

Home Appliances

Festive and Sale seasons are the best time to invest in home appliances and you might just find a superb deal. Remodel that house and make it a home!


These days cosmetics are not something just for the ladies. Men buy them too! Face Washes, fairness creams and Lip Balms, they do it all! Look up online and you will find many great deals in packages.



This is one important category especially for the newly married or the families who are upgrading to a new house. Many of you would be surprised to know that you could buy great designer furniture online.

Sports Equipment

In a nation where people hold players equivalent to god himself, sports and sports equipment make up for significant purchases more so because they are more prone to wear and tear. You could find tennis rackets online that might not be available in the local store.

Games and Consoles


PS Vita, The Xbox or the Playstation. They are all available online and you might get a couple of free games coupled with them!


For many, online bookstores are a quick way to order new books and novels before they reach the local stores. Try buying them online, you might never visit a bookstore again!