Stress has become an integral part of everyday life for everyone. Today’s world and our lifestyles act as breeders for our stress levels. With each day that passes us by, stress is a reality that all face, and more so a reality that is also directly affecting our health and overall well-being.


There are many things that can cause us stress, the reasons are almost infinite. Your stress can be caused by work, by family, by health, or any other reason. Nevertheless, it can be controlled and managed by using some simple yet important tips. Earlier we saw how to kill procrastination and here is a list of 10 things that you can do and work on that at the end of the day help you manage your stress.

  1. Meditation as Stress Management

    Meditation is an important relaxant to manage all kinds of stress. Meditation helps you relax and focus on inner energies. There are many different techniques of meditation; you can pick the one that you find most effective. It is recommended to spend some time on medication on an everyday basis.

  2. Nutrition as Stress Management

    Nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It is important to ensure that the nutrition is in balance with the work you do. This includes ensuring simple things like not drinking too much coffee, having nutritious and well-balanced food, drinking lots of water, and not skipping meals.

  3. Exercise as Stress Management

    Exercise is a very important part of a person’s day. A common misconception is that you should exercise to lose weight; while exercise is a must for all to keep fit. Additionally, exercise is also a huge stress buster. The thumb rule is to exercise 3 hours a week minimum.

  4. Take rest and time off

    Rest is usually very underrated. Rest is an important part of a person’s well-being and general health. The general rule is to get at least 7 hours sleep time, to refresh your day. Additionally, you should also take breaks between tasks and include that much-needed vacation every 3-4 months.

  5. Manage your time

    There is no substitute to time management. The more you manage you time, the less are the chances that you would get stressed over different things that need to get done. Ensure that the time you spend on the different activities is apt and you don’t find yourself stalling on anything.

  6. Plan ahead

    Planning helps you to be prepared to what you will have to do. This reduces the stress levels because when you have planned it in advance, you are already prepared for the outcome. Planning helps you to understand and analyze the consequences and possible outcomes of the job at hand.

  7. Motivate yourself

    Self-motivation is the best form of motivation. Irrespective of what others think, you faith in yourself is more important. When you are a little stressed, you can talk to yourself and motivate yourself to believe that you can handle the situation. This can help you also create positive energy.

  8. Write your stress down

    Writing is a phenomenal outlet to release all your negative energy. When you are stressed out, or have negative thoughts, it can help to write it all down as you feel it. That helps you put everything out, after which you can move on or find solutions to the issue.

  9. Seek support

    If you are in an extremely overwhelming situation, it helps to talk to a friend about it. Therefore, socializing becomes an important part of reducing stress. Ensure that you have friends in different spheres of life – at work and off work; this provides you a safe environment to unwind.

  10. Divert your thoughts

    If you find yourself in an overwhelming situation, take some time off from thinking about it. When you come back after a break, you could look at it differently and have a fresh perspective. Sometimes, to find a solution, you might have to not think of the issue for a while.