Unfortunately, we’re not all lucky enough to have a job lined up right after college.  If you’re one of those recent college grads that is worried about finding a job after school is over, don’t sweat it. Seriously, don’t!  The more you worry, the less you’ll take action, follow your intuition… or land a job!

Here are ten helpful tricks and tips for ensuring that you’re at least on the right path to finding a great job right after college.

1. Be realistic and get that “dream job” out of your head (for now).

Not trying to kill your hopes and dreams here, but there is something they fail to tell you in school- you most likely won’t land the job you really want right after college. Your degree will help you, but you still need experience… or to wait for the perfect job to open up for you.  Be patient – it often takes time to work your way up to the job you really want.

2. Remember that most jobs are temporary.

It’s not like it was when grandma and grandpa were your age- we don’t typically have the same job for 50 years and then retire.  How boring would that be anyway?  No offence, gramps… just look at every job opportunity as a stepping stone- not set in stone. It’s OK to change your mind too- so what if you majored in finance and you want to write for a newspaper. Go for what you want…. even if you’re just going to change your mind later on.

3. Get advice.

Not all of it is going to be good advice, nor will it always be something you want to hear. Be selective, it’s your career path, not theirs. Ask for many opinions on what you should be doing, what you’d be good at and how to go about getting it. You’ll be surprised by the varied opinions and advice you get.

4. Be open to new opportunities.

Do some research on unusual or non-traditional jobs.  You might find that you’re drawn to some crazy career you never would have thought of before. Hopefully it’s not pole dancing or clown college instructor. But hey, if that’s your thing…. Just keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to do something that you’re good at. Just because you’re good at it doesn’t mean you like it, or that you have to make a career of it.

5. Work like you don’t need money.

Of course you need to make a decent amount of cash in order to be self sufficient. You can’t live in your parents’ basement forever (although some people do!)  Don’t base your decision for a career choice on the amount of money you’ll be making. Money can be a great incentive, but is it going to make you enjoy your job?  Remember you have to be there every day, so go after something you think you’ll enjoy.

6. Don’t get addicted to the green.

If you end up with a job that pays well- lucky you!  But don’t let it make you greedy or forget where you came from. If you feel yourself turning into a careless sociopath, maybe it’s time to rethink careers- even if the money is good, is it worth losing your soul over?

7. Find your passion.

Don’t be frustrated if you don’t know what it is yet. That’s what is so wonderful about the job market today- it’s so easy to change careers. If you try something out and it doesn’t seem to be working, find something else that you think you might like. There’s nothing wrong with actively seeking what’s going to make you happy.  You’re one step closer to your dream if you keep going with your gut.

8. Never give up!

So many recent college grads get discouraged because they’re finding it’s not as easy to score a great job as they thought.  Don’t give up, keep trying.  So what if you maybe have to settle for something a little different than what you planned- it may turn out that’s where you should have been all along.

9. Have a backup plan.

Selling all of your stuff or moving to Las Vegas to become a prostitute are not good backup plans. If you want to be a social worker but after you get into the field, you realise that you just can’t handle the stress- what do you want to do? Always know what you’d do next.  Hopefully you don’t ever have to do it, but planning ahead is important- welcome to adulthood!

10. Take risks.

Like impulse purchases, following your desire sometimes lands you something you never knew you wanted or needed. So you have to move out of state for a great job- it’s a huge risk because you’re leaving your life behind. But it’s a risk worth taking because even if it doesn’t work out, at least you tried and probably learned something along the way.

After college, you’re going to do some serious soul searching…  and job hunting!  Don’t let it get you down- with every failure comes a new opportunity.  Eventually, you’ll land a great job, even if it’s not what you think it is going to be or it takes you some time to get there!

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Author : Landon Long

Landon Long is the founder of InterviewMastermind.com and a recognized expert on the topic of psychology-based job interview tips for job seekers all over the world.