Nowadays, laptops have become an important part of people’s daily activities. It is different from desktop computers since it can be brought along wherever we want to go. It also made life more convenient because we can access almost anything by just having laptops. Laptops can be used for listening to music, watching movies or any shows, typing and filing documents, playing games and internet surfing. But with all these activities that laptops serve us, the battery life of the gadget should be taken care off properly. This is because a low or short battery life, a laptop wouldn’t work properly and surely no task will be accomplished. So it is vital to save your laptop battery life because it wouldn’t be cool always looking for an outlet to plug in your laptop when its battery is running out.

Here are the ten tips to save your laptop battery life.

Tip 1. If you are working in a place where there is an available power source, plug in the laptop. Access to any power source will help save battery through charging and make the battery’s life span last longer.

Tip 2. Make sure that free air is flowing through the laptop. Battery tend to be overworked when the cooling system is blocked, so make sure that the cooling fan functions properly and is not blocked for air to flow freely.

Tip 3. If you want the laptop battery to last longer than normal, reduce the CPU speed. You can do this by changing the battery’s power options to check balanced or power saver. These two options tend to minimize the processor speed.

Tip 4. You should also defrag regularly to make the hard drive work faster. Once the hard drive works faster it will demand less use of battery. Plug the laptop on a power source while defragging.

Tip 5. You can also lessen your use or plugging of USB and other external devices, including Wi-Fi and mouse because these devices can drain your battery. If you’re not using them just remove them from the connection or shut them down to avoid too much usage of battery.

Tip 6. You must also clean the battery contact of your laptop every month using a clean cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol. Doing this can efficiently transfer power from the battery to the laptop.

Tip 7. Using the hibernation mode can also help save your battery while you do something else and make you resume your computer work in an instant.

Tip 8. Never do multitasking. When using your laptop, do one task at a time. Multitasking can drain out battery faster and you’ll end up not being able to finish anything at all.

Tip 9. Turning off scheduled tasks such as anti-virus updates online can also save your battery life span.

Tip 10. And lastly, decrease laptop volume or speaker when not necessarily needed.

The tips above are just few in saving your laptop battery life span. But if your battery is not really functioning as well as it did before, it’s time to replace the battery and purchase a new one. You may also purchase a new laptop with a more efficient battery span which can solve your problem.