A famous writer once said, “Getting social is a cup of tea of an extrovert.” Therefore always try from your end to be an extrovert. An introvert can never be a great social person. If any of the following questions is hindering your mind then follow the tips given further. Are you in mood of making your social circle? We are all social beings and like to spend time with others, right? If you want to improve your social skills, then it is better that you start with yourself. To become social, you must take positive actions along with your extrovert nature. Although social media has given us great opportunities to get social with world around, yet there are many places where you need to be social without social media. With that in honeytechblog shares Top 10 Tips to become social without using social media, which is sure to help!

1.Remove Shyness

First tip of getting social is removing shyness from your end. Never be shy in any matters and see the crystal results.

2.Eye Contact

Make an eye contact.  First of all to be social you need to have self-confidence. Without this virtue, you will not be able to believe in yourself


Talk part in conversation with friends and relatives.  Try to talk to the people around you. To start with you can take part in conversations about subjects in which you are familiar with.  You can ask questions or tell jokes to become a part of the conversation.

4.Hang-in or Hang-out

You have to give your effort to become social. If you are alone at home, then try to give a call to your friends and relatives.  If they are free, you can ask them to come over to your place.


Try to mix up with others.  During office or school lunch hours you can sit with a group of your classmates and colleagues and have your lunch.  You can also ask them to share your lunch with them. To become social you need to interact with more than one or two friends

6.Talk About Our Self

We all love to talk about our self. You can ask people to tell something about themselves and share their experiences on a particular topic.  You can draw out their interests and ask further questions on them.  If they share their sorrows with you do sympathize with them. Moreover, if others ask you to speak about yourself do not hesitate to do so.  Rather share your experiences and interests with them.

7.Extra Curricular Activities

Take part in various competitions like sports, cultural or any competitions or probably one that you are already good at.

8.Party Animal

Do not turn down any invitation offer. If your friend has invited you for any party celebrations try to accept the offer. It is the best way to tell others that you like the company of others.  You can also invite others to your home.

9.Be An Optimistic

Try to be an optimistic.  People like to spend time with optimistic people rather than wasting time with so called pessimists who are always upset with this world.  You must try to find out ways to be happy and always be positive.

10.Genuine Compliment To Others

To begin the conversation you can always compliment people.  Irrespective of age, people like to get compliment. Moreover, it is also a great conversation-starter.


Making your conversation interesting is by knowing about others and doing things or favor for others can help in building your social status.

Great socializes make other people feel contented and interesting. How do they do that? By being really getting legitimately fascinated in other people, if you are talking to someone and you feel boring or inferior, ask yourself the reason. Is it really all your accountability? Perhaps yes, because all you need is to become social by yourself and not by force! Getting social will not only bring up your social status but will also boost your confidence, which is the ladder to any success in life!