What’s a website if no one visits it — additional garbage floating around the Information Highway. Their are millions of website having undefined goals and are neglect by the users. Most of the website owners and bloggers don’t know about what actually they want with their website. FAIL is ultimate results of those confused fellows and via this post i would like to drag your attention towards your baby websites/blogs. For getting fruitful traffic/business, ideally you should target the right audience with the right niche.

Target So abide by these 10 Tips to help you decide the niche for your website:

  1. Focus on one category – If your website is a jack of all trades you dilute your regulars since you’re all around.
  2. Come up with information that only you can provide. – If it’s just something you grab from other sites, your credibility decreases. How can you sell anything if you don’t have an edge?
  3. Determine if you would put your website’s identity under one category, territory or channel.
  4. Get an affiliate website that has already entered and succeed in that particular niche market – This way you can take advantage of the customers that you really need.
  5. Get in touch with the market – Surely, Beta-max players are way out of circulation. You’re selling tapes? Good Luck.
  6. Create your USP or Unique Selling Proposition – Customers would want to avail of what you offer if you are the best in a certain field so capitalize on it.
  7. Streamline your resources.
  8. Design a landing page that will divert your customers to your site when you do an email blast.
  9. Locate your information equilibrium or your balance. Not too much or not too less.
  10. Seek vertical domination. Going wide is definitely not the core of Niche Marketing.

The best way is to feel the market before you dive right into it without testing it first.