A PSP, which stands for PlayStation Portable, is a hand held video game console which is manufactured by Sony Corporation. The PSP was introduced in 2003 and it is based off the platform of the PlayStation (PS) Video game console which was introduced nine years earlier. The game has provided users with a flexible way of playing all the games they enjoy anywhere they go. It is also capable of using an optical disc called Universal Media Disc (UMD) and memory cards. Like most electronic products, it is prone to have problems at some point in time. This article will discuss one of them and give you instructions on how to solve it.


  1. We will look at problems being given by the power switch. Sorting out this problem can mean either repairing it or purchasing a brand new switch or Powerboard, in this piece we will show you how to repair it. First you need to disassemble the PSP by first removing the case.
  2. Use the small Phillips screwdriver to remove the seven screws that hold the case in place at the back and place the screws into a bag or container to keep them safe. Pull the face plate off and pull up on the bottom of the faceplate.
  3. Insert your small screwdriver tip under the lip of the left side of the button bar and slide it upwards until the bar is disconnected from the metal LCD housing. Then lift the tab upwards and slide the cable out so you can unplug the button bars flex cable.
  4. If you look to the left side of the LCD screen you will notice a metal bracket lip which holds the LCD in place. Unhook the left side of the LCD from this housing by sliding a small flat screwdriver in between the LCD housing and the LCD mounting bracket. Then slowly pop the tabs so that the LCD can come out.
  5. Now slowly pull out the other side and then tilt the LCD at a 90 degree bend so you can see the flex cable connectors. Lift up the clamps on the connectors; the brown clips are the only part that will lift up. Be careful not to add to apply too much pressure because this can damage the whole clip. You can put the LCD back onto the faceplate so that the dust and other debris don’t fall onto it.
  6. You should see two set of screws, a Silver type “˜A’ and a Silver type “˜D’, use your screwdrivers to remove them and use your flat head screwdriver and pry away the small tabs that brace outwards between the D-pad and the housing. When the tabs are free from the D-pad, press the latch to open the UMD door, then the UMD latch will move through the hold on the backside of the case.
  7. Now you can remove the power switch by unhooking the flex cable from the motherboard. Put the flat head screwdriver underneath the PCB and lightly pry it upwards to clear the latch. Pull the peg towards the top and remove the right trigger contact by sliding it up and out. Then peel the adhesive flex cable free from the PSP case.
  8. The spring and the rest of the switch should fall out now and then you can remove the plastic. Once the plastic cracks then you can pick it off with your finger. Take the diagonal snips and snip off the plastic. Use the solder gun to tin the tip and then as soon as it becomes liquid soft then lightly pick up the old piece of metal and de-solder the others.
  9. Now it’s time to setup the new switch onto the board. Ensure that the little pegs on the front of the switch fits well inside the groves and that the power legs are lined up exactly with the solder pads. Tin your soldering iron again and put a little ball of solder onto the tip, then add more solder to the side of the peg and continue to solder each page
  10. Once this is put in place then you can return the PSP power switch, reverse the process and fit up back the PSP together again.

Tips & Warnings

  • Exercise great care when using the solder gun, if you place it onto the wrong part, this may cause irreparable damage.
  • Ensure that when you are disassembling the PSP, you do with in a controlled area so nothing gets missing. If any of the pieces get missing, there is no way of replacing them. You also need to be very delicate when handling each piece
  • Understand than once you remove the sticker from the PSP, then your warranty is automatically void.

Kapil Edke is a free lancer writer and content builder of many technology sites and currently he is learning on – How to fix PSP.