Most information available today and the kind of communication that is exchanged, is exchanged online. Most of the work is done over the computer. Therefore, in today’s day and age it becomes very vital that collaboration takes place between the different users and their contribution. Not only is collaboration amongst people within a team, but people across the globe. Collaboration for documents has therefore gained importance in the running of a business. Different companies have been trying to provide document collaborative solutions for the increasing demand for it by businesses and individuals.

Since the internet boom there have been many attempts made and options assessed on what a good collaborative solution could be. This is a list of 10 document collaboration tools that you may find useful.

  1. Microsoft SharePoint : Microsoft has tried to provide its users a document collaboration solution in the form of SharePoint. It helps users create websites that they can be used to share information and update documents. However, the documents can be updated only by one user at a time.
  2. Google Docs : This free online document collaboration tool has been created by Google. It has features of version control and helps you organize all your documents to be accessed by many people yet monitoring each updated made to it. To share documents you just need a Google account. (You can also try new Google Docs app for Android devices)

  3. PB Works : In its website it claims to be the world’s largest providers of hosted collaborative solutions for business and the education industry. Its target audiences are businesses, the education industry, and personal consumption. For each of these audiences separate solutions and features are provided.
  4. TeamLab : Developed by Ascensio System SIA, this provides business collaboration and project management solutions. TeamLab Documents helps users within a group to edit, manage, import, and integrate documents. Additionally, it also sends notifications of document changes, and facilitates easy access using filters and sorting documents with different parameters.
  5. Teambox : Voted as the best online collaboration software, according to their website, it allows members to review and edit document content. Additionally, apart from documents, it helps circulate videos, images and links. Created in 2007, as of December 2010 it claims to have over 30,000 users.
  6. Ideapi : This tool can be used universally as it provides you the flexibility to create documents and subsequently share it with others. This simplifies the entire process of creating, reviewing and approving documents, without the need for emails going back and forth for review or updates.
  7. Writeboard : It is a free web-based documents collaboration solution. You can write information and share it with any group of people. It helps you record your information like you do on a real whiteboard, only with the difference of it being online with the flexibility to save.
  8. ThinkFree : It is a free and online option, similar to Microsoft Office. This tool helps you create, edit, manage, and share documents online and receive feedback. The document collaboration option is just one of the many solutions that are provided as part of the ThinkFree Server Enterprise.
  9. Zoho strong>: Zoho Docs is a part of the holistic Zoho CRM solutions. This is free for personal use. The price range for professional usage is $12 to $95 per month. The price will be determined by the kind of services required, the number of users, and so on.
  10. HyperOffice : It helps streamline the document management process, while ensuring the security of the document and providing backup for content shared online. You can view, modify, store, and organize your documents online. This is a paid service that and is focused to help business establishments.