One of the biggest dreams for bloggers is to have a big audience. The number of feed subscribers can also be a measure of how well your blog is doing. Here are 10 ways to increase your feed subscribers.

  1. Always make sure that you have quality contents. Informative articles will attract more readers and more feed subscribers.
  2. Post articles in a regular basis. If possible make it everyday. Subscribers will always look for something new to read from your blog.You may try google alerts in order to get latest and top resources on you niche.feed-subscribers
  3. Make your articles unique so people will appreciate it. This is another way of getting people to read your blog.
  4. When writing, always make sure that the topics are related to the nature of your blog. If you have a tech blog then write stuff about technology and not about parenthood.
  5. Make the RSS button large. Visitors will always look for this button so make sure it can easily be found.
  6. Briefly explain what RSS is. Put this information right beside the RSS button. This will give newbie readers an idea about RSS feeds.
  7. Make the subscription process easy. Most of us do not want complicated things. If the feed subscription will be complicated readers might not proceed.
  8. Place an RSS button on every pages of your website. This will give visitors easy access to the button.
  9. End each article of your blog with an encouragement to subscribe to your RSS feeds. This is another good opportunity to gain feed subscribers.
  10. Do not put ads in your feed. Many readers hate ads. If it is not possible not to have ads, then just have it as minimal as possible.

Extra: Following are some useful wordpress plugins for maintaining the rss feeds and subscribers:

Apply these 10 ways to increase your feed subscribers , use the above mentioned plugins and you will be on the road to success in your blogging endeavor.Moreover if you have any other plugins or ways to boost the feed subscribers then feel free to share here.