Code Is Poetry but WordPress is full of options and customizations that often drag the users into the arena of confusions. For example if you want to list categories then which functions to call, it should be wp_list_cat() , list_cats() or

wp_list_categories( )

? Here is the 101 evergreen list of awesome resources that often used for tweaking WordPress under your thumbs. The below listed tips and resources are perfect for Newbie’s , Intermediate and Advance WordPress users , developers & designers. Even a day will be short to go thruway from these resources and it is recommended to bookmark this page for further references and development in your WordPress Blogs.101wordpress

101 WordPress Evergreen Tips and Resources

  1. First Steps With WordPress
  2. New To WordPress – Where to Start
  3. Installing WordPress-An Audio-Visual Presentation
  4. Finding WordPress Help
  5. An introduction to the WordPress Loop
  6. Information on deprecated functions hooks
  7. Complete PHP function reference for WordPress
  8. Tips and techniques for designing WordPress Themes for release to the general public
  9. Integrating WordPress Into Your Own Site
  10. Top 25 twitter tools for WordPress
  11. All the Template tags used in WordPress Blog
  12. How to optimize WordPress loading time and performance
  13. How to redirect blog to self hosted domain
  14. How to use multi tabbed menu in WordPress
  15. How to make WordPress site much faster and responsive
  16. How to add featured content slider into WordPress blog
  17. How to fix IE6 PNG Transparency issues in WordPress
  18. 13 Helpful Cheat Sheets for Building WordPress Themes
  19. Virtual Multiblog for WordPress
  20. Convert WordPress Export File to multiple html files
  21. Reset your Lost WordPress Administrator Password
  22. Changing from b2 to WordPress
  23. How To Create A Custom WordPress Page Template
  24. How to Optimize Your WordPress Title
  25. How to Add Daily Blog Posting via
  26. 3 WordPress Hacks For SE-Friendly Blog Archives
  27. Playing With WordPress Fonts
  28. How to reload iphone for WordPress blogs [download application]
  29. 4 Simple ways to Speed up WordPress
  30. 10 WordPress Hacks to Make your Life Easy
  31. WordPress shortcut Keys
  32. How to Show Only a Post Excerpt
  33. Things you should know when using post excerpt
  34. How to Setup Gravatars for your Blog without any plugin
  35. How to Add Author Gravatars to Authors Posts
  36. How to Convert Your Author Links to Point Towards the Authors Site
  37. 15 Killer Hacks for WordPress that Are Extremely Useful
  38. Moving Your WordPress Blog to a New Directory
  39. A simple introductions to the WordPress Custom Fields
  40. How to Create an AJAX-Based Auto-Completing Search Field
  41. How to place a login form in the sidebar
  42. How to format images for feed readers
  43. How to create horizontal menus?
  44. How to  customize the text shown in “(more…..)” on the weblog?
  45. How to move your WordPress blog to a new location
  46. How to restore a previous backup of your WordPress database
  47. How to Installing/Updating WordPress with Subversion
  48. 10 ways to increase your feed subscribers
  49. Basics of the WordPress Permalinks
  50. XML-RPC Support in WordPress
  51. Description of how WordPress uses Cookies
  52. General overview of optimizing WordPress for high traffic sites
  53. How to prepare your blog for a lot of visitors, and evaluate whether it will work well
  54. How to Write Code in Your Blog Posts
  55. How-To Collection: Best Of 30 Greatest Tips/Trick for enhancing your blogging experiences
  56. How to add poll in your blog
  57. How to wrap Text Around Images in WordPress pages and posts
  58. How to Protect CSS Mods for ANY WordPress Theme
  59. How to Digg Proof your WordPress
  60. How-to: Creating Your Corporate Intranet Using WordPress
  61. How to Change the Author Archives Permalink
  62. How to Convert Your Categories to Display Post Titles
  63. How To Update your Blog If You Don’t Have Enough Time
  64. How to create mobile version of your blog
  65. How to change the color and background color of selected text in WordPress
  66. How to highlight author’s comments
  67. How to Remove Ads from Select Categories
  68. How to design your Post Meta Data Section in WordPress
  69. How to embed Google Ad in First WordPress Post
  70. How to develop a Color Scheme for a WordPress blog
  71. How to display categories in horizontal Drop-Down menu
  72. How to add a favicon in WordPress blogs
  73. How to manage Trackbacks and Pingbacks
  74. How to customize your WordPress Feeds
  75. How to put Template Tags into Template files
  76. How to mastering Your WordPress Theme Hacks and Techniques
  77. How to Optimize Your 404 Error Page
  78. How to customize next and Previous Links in WordPress
  79. How to Use WordPress as a Membership Directory
  80. How to protect your email address on a WordPress site from being harvested by a spammer
  81. How to fix application/x-httpd-php errors in WordPress blogs
  82. 20 Easy Ways to Increase WordPress blog Traffic
  83. TOP 20 Best Of WordPress Theme Resource
  84. Business Blogging and Shopping in WordPress
  85. How to validate a WordPress Blog
  86. Search Engine Optimization for WordPress
  87. How to find and install a non-English blog in WordPress
  88. How to rotate/cycle/randomize the image in the header of the weblog
  89. How to import posts and comments from your previous blog software

    WordPress Plugins

  90. How to Write a Simple WordPress Plugin
  91. Comprehensive list of other references for plugin development
  92. Hooks, Actions, and Filters to use in your Plugins
  93. 10+ Most Popular WordPress Plugins
  94. Top 20 WordPress plugins that you don’t miss
  95. Affiliate Marketing through WordPress Tool
  96. Ajax Newsletter Widget for WordPress
  97. Newsletter is a plugin made to collect subscribers to a blog newsletter and to send such newsletters
  98. Plugins to Display and Highlight Code in WordPress
  99. 50 Best WordPress Plugins for Power Blogging

    WordPress Video Tutorials

  100. Top 40 Featured WordPress Video Tutorials
  101. 100+ Collected Great WordPress Video Tutorial List

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