intranet-applications When we are in the office or in a workgroup having numbers of systems then we feels the desires of having something that can optimize the team work.The workgroup is a local network and often called as intranet.If we work on some project then it require the direct communication with workgroup systems in the form of reports , presentations , address book ,email , documents and other necessary services.Here is the list of few best intranet applications that can enhance your working experience on local network ,private schools and small businesses:

  1. Vypress Chat : Its one of the best application for real-time chatting in small office or home office ,workgroup or local networks.Vypress Chat is server less application that brings individuals to instantly communicate about joint projects, and managers can send instantaneous memos to individuals, departments, or the entire company.It also have full featured bulletin board,Public channels, private chats, instant messaging and files transfer features.
  2. Interchange Group Limited – It is an application that is specializing in Customer Service, and Intranet solutions including OpenText / LiveLink systems.
  3. Intranet Open Source Open source ASP intranet solutions.It is basically an ASP-based intranet designed for service organizations.
  4. Cosec Corporation – It provides intranets application that can bring useful features and help users with sharing address book, calendar, BBS, file sharing, project tracking, time and expense reporting, reservation and scheduling within  workgroups.
  5. HyperOffice – It provides office utility via hosted server on the intranet.It brings many features and service including email, business tools and utilities.
  6. Komdat GmbH – In simple words its a data management server that brings content management tools and utilities for business users.It can provide a workflow model and often useful for lead generation.
  7. Intranet File Sharing – It is a utility that saves your time to search local area network for any kinds of files.It is able to search hidden network resources, IP subnetworks and much more. Find any file in the network in a few seconds. Also provides Intranet file sharing features.
  8. Distinct Corporation – It can offers Network Monitor, the only protocol analyzer software; RPC Toolkit for Windows, Java and .Net programming; terminal emulators for TN3270, TN5250 and VT420.
  9. Intranet Applets – It have the complete set of awesome utilities which are beneficiary in small office or workgroup. For example orgchart, ganttchart, floorplan searcher, and sitemap.
  10. Vialect – Its another workgroup management application for providing intranet solution including supports like email, calendar, contact management, and document management.
  11. Intranet Connections – Its a name of a 21 built in application for intranet and small workgroups
  12. SolutionPlanet Ltd. – They are basically a software providers intranet solutions like  for contact management, time and expense reporting, surveys, and Intranet portals. Also offer consulting on Lotus Notes and wireless technology (e.g. WAP, Palm).
  13. Intraware, Inc. – Its another provider that can offers one place to research, evaluate, procure, install, and upgrade intranet software products.
  14. LWiNet – You may call it as a solution for intranet/extranet hosted services for solutions in email services.
  15. Apart from the above set of application their various open source content management servers that can also be used in office for knowledge transfer,notices,project management or reporting and data management.The following application can be easily installed on the local network (intranet) with the help of Xamp or Lamp :

Note:Feel free to comments for the omissions and additions in the list.If you know any other useful applications then we would like to notice it here.