Do you have any idea how many twitter clone site developed around the web? It’s around 300+ websites. Millions of user already engaging themselves with and lots of applications available on web. Thousands of people using to grow their business networks, social networking, using for web marketing through twitter’s service and so on.

If you want to grow your business or to grow your own networks in everywhere you can try different types of micro blogging platforms in different countries. We tried to listed most popular twitter clone site and we tracked Mexico, China, India, Rumania, Poland based twitter clone sites and so on.

  1. Kwippy Great Place For Indian
    Kwippy an excellent twitter clone site which is fastest growing websites in India and as well thousndas of people using kwippy. Easy to send updates through IM. It’s on beta version but working nice at all.

  2. Tao Tao For Chinese Geeks
    Around 30 twitter clone site designed by Chinese geeks. Maximum site has different outlook and working nicely. If you live in China and want to grow your network locally you should join to TaoTao.
  3. Mexicodiario For Maxican Geeks
    This twitter web tools developed for maxican people. If you like, you can add to your Gtalk and start sharing your status with others.
  4. Sweeter Microblogging Platform
    Sweetter is a microblogging service, where you can write what you’re doing, what you’re thinking, you can write everything you want, but other people will vote your post, and this will make that your karma go up or down.
  5. Snockles For Local India
    An SMS based website where you can signup for free and get new friends. You can track your friends and as well you friends can follow to you. Also, you can get notifications to your mobile. Do micro-blogging from your hand.
  6. Nolyo For Turkey
    Where you live? If you’re turkish and want to grow your local networks inside Turkey you can enjoy Nolyo.
  7. – Popular In China
    Another one twitter clone site which is popular inside China and thousnads of people using this site and you can signup for an account and it’s free.
  8. Numpa For Dutch
    Growing social mirco blogging site and you will get hundreds of danish geeks their and build your friends networks.
  9. Mblogi For Rassia
    An excellent growing site where you get lots of geeks and you can express your opinions with others. You can enjoy site from your mobile browser. If you like you vote to others.
  10. For Romania
    Romanian people gathering in one place. They has another one micro blogging platform. Both site are awesome and you will get lots of new friends.
  11. Fritsi Growing Microblogging Platform
    Fritsi is a page in order to allow users an easy way of knowing what other people around you are doing. Users can create posts where they can express their activities and share with the world. If this is your preference, users can make their posts private and only those who have been accepted as friends can see them.
  12. – For Local Romanian Geeks
    Create your network of friends / associates and tell them what you do, what projects work, through web, mobile messenger, wherever you are!
    With your messages, you can include pictures, video clips and audio and video can be transmitted live video messages.
  13. – For Portuguese
    Gozub is a community of users, be they friends or strangers to each other, which remain updated by sending messages about what they are doing or feeling at certain times in their lives. Anyway, all are responding to a main question: What am I doing now?
  14. – Localized In Different Languages
    An excellent websites where anyone can join and start micro blogging with mytalk. Anyone can signup for an account for free of cost and if like in below choose your own languages.
  15. For Dutch User is a service that lets you super easy it maintains contacts with friends and acquaintances. With this convenient and free service you have the simplicity and timeliness of your Instant Messenger (Skype, MSN, AOL), the speed and ease of blogging what you miss without irritations and open forums and chat rooms because you choose who you something read and who your friends are.
  16. Goofy2 For Chinese People
    Another one great place for chinese people where a chinense geeks can share his/her status with native languages. The site is full of chinese language.
  17. Turulcsirip For Hungarian
    A great smiliarity you will get on This site designed a nice site with the same idea. Their you can as well start micro blogging and get some new friends in Hungary.
  18. – texts, photos, videos, sounds
    On Rememble you can start micro blogging plus you can share music, text messages, photos, videos, notes tweets and so on. Sounds bit different then other sites. As well as, you can do the same things from your PC or from your mobile phone. No matter where you’re but you enjoy it.
  19. – Share Status & Photos
    This clone site enabling new features and intregated photo sharing features. You can ping and change your status and also mail your photos and automatically your photos will be visible to your public url. Enjoy

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