If you wants to discover what types of software your friends using to their PC, you can tell your friends about wakoopa.com. This site giving you free user account and you have to install a mini applications and instantly it will track your PC’s all installed software and start to showing software showcase to the website. You can grow up your networks and lots of friends you will get there. Yes, security one of the major issue and even you can setup which one will be public or not. But, I’m trying make a good list — it can be web based or desktop clients or utility software. Let see and share what’s yours?

  1. Google Docs
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Internet Explorer
  4. Microsoft Office
  5. Google Chrome
  6. Maxthon Browser
  7. AnVir Task Manager
  8. Dropbox Storage
  9. Digsby Multi Messenger
  10. Dragon Naturally Speaking
  11. Thunderbird Client
  12. Foxit Reader
  13. FeedDemon Reader
  14. Google Earth
  15. XAMPP
  16. Flashget Download Manager
  17. Scribefire Extensions
  18. Gmail Backup Freeware
  19. TeamViewer Application
  20. uTorrent — BitTorrent Client
  21. Twitterfox Extensions
  22. Safari Browser
  23. VLC Media Player
  24. Picasa Photo Manager
  25. AVG Free AntiVirus Gurad