Adobe AIR – rich internet applications which was introduced in 2007 and its supporting cross-operating system. Developers can build any desktop applications using Html, Ajax, JavaScript, Flex and Flash. By using a small Adobe AIR applications you can get connected with the whole world. Developers of Adobe Air, frequently updating their applications features and around the whole web, maximum Adobe AIR applications are free.

From shopping on eBay to managing music, managing your email, reading news, enjoying flickr, youtube video download and so on. Adobe AIR applications that are easier, more powerful, and more fun to use.

  1. GMDeskBy using this applications you can run Gmail, Google Calender, Google docs and Google maps in one place.

  2. ReadAirWithout directly using, you can use desktop client ReadAir and working fine.

  3. Flickr Desktop Search Flickr, one of the largest photo sharing websites and by using this applications you can search images in your desktop.

  4. ImageDroprBy dropping images you can upload images to your flickr accounts and even you can input content, titles, tags and so on.

  5. SnotoSnoto photo is a desktop applications which will help you to browse the recent photos of others and you can see all photos in sideshow view.

  6. FLVPlay HDFLVPlay HD plays local or remote flv and mp4 videos

  7. AIRTube Video DownloaderYoutube FLV video downloader can download any youtube video for you, just you have to drag and paste the video url and it will do the rest of things.

  8. uvLayerThis applications has connection with youtube and truveo video sharing websites and by using this social video applications you can discover, watch and collect and finally share video media with others.

  9. Icon GeneratorIcon generator, a small applications that will help you to make icons which has computability with CS3 and web 2.0 style icon and easy to pick color, type of characters and save for use.

  10. WebKutBy clicking this applications will capture web pages and it’s really simple and great.

  11. TweetDeckUsing this tweetdeck applications you can manage your twitter accounts greatly and even enjoy the live streams.

  12. Feedalizr — Feedalizr it’s called ‘life streaming to your desktop’. You can share view, rate and comment on what your friends are sharing on online, using this simple desktop applications.

  13. MySocial AIRThis applications will cover up your twitter and friendfeed things and similar functions available in firefox extensions.

  14. TwhirlYou can marge your multiple twitter accounts,, friendfeed and seesmic social accounts in one and enjoy all services from on applications.

  15. ToroSo faster and speedy and slick twitter applications and all facilities are available in this applications and really great who wants to manage twitter account smoothly.

  16. Spaz If you’re freeware based, you can use this applications and it has url shorting features and that is splendid and all this are free, open-sourced and customizable.

  17. bTT — What your other friends doing in friendfeed and how they connecting with others using twitter, you can track or see their activities by using this applications.

  18. TweetrDon’t get confused about witter and tweetr and it brings easiest way to share files to your friends and just drag any files, lets it upload and it will give you short urls and share it.

  19. DiggTopDigg, one of the coolest websites in web and their you can submit your websites and get high traffic and this small applications for windows and MacOSX user and help you to track the most popular results from your desktop.

  20. FacedeskHave you ever think, you can enjoy your facebook from desktop? This application facedesk brings such types of features and you can surf the whole facebook sites from it.

  21. Apprise ReaderIt’s an exclusive rss feed reader and it’s first name was apprise reader but it has been changed and named as sharefire 1.5. When you input any feed, it will fetch that feeds and let you show the updates of the websites and the authors names – so you can read your favorite writer’s thoughts.

  22. Ora Time and ExpenseOra Time and Expense is a small easy-to-use application for tracking and generating time sheets, expense reports, and invoices.

  23. WordPress Comment ModeratorThis is an desktop wordpress plugin which brings more control in your comments friends. You can view and moderate comments from your desktop and it’s adobe air based. Can you imagine — how easy?

  24. Timeloc — This application will keep track of your time, how long or hours you’re spending on that jobs.

  25. DoomiThis is a simple to do list applications and that’s really slick and looks pretty and easier to use.

  26. Klok This tools will track individual time for each projects, task of anything and show your the reports.

  27. Agile AgendaProject scheduling utility that will focus on your projects and this software is capable to adjust the conditions of your projects present situations.

  28. Xdrive Desktop Lite — Xdrive desktop lite applications which is great and easy to upload files, folders right from your hard drive and desktop or USB drive and directly it will storage in web.

  29. AirTalkr —  By using this apps, you can connect multi-protocol based instant messenger such as MSN, Yahoo!, GTalk, AOL and ICQ and as well it’s supporting flickr and youtube services.

  30. Snackr —  It’s an rss feed fetcher and when you’re click on any title it will pop up new windows and show your the whole news in your screen.
  31. Blue one Realty search — Real Estate in Florida is a powerful and fast desktop property search where you can search homes by city, filter results, view photos of homes, compare homes, locate homes in a map, save favorites properties and save searches and filters.
  32. Polaris – Google Analytics reporting on AIR — One of the first Adobe AIR applications to be built using the recently released Google Analytics API. It’s not built by Google but there is a free single account version or a paid for multiple account option.
  33. LoomTV — It brings online radio, games and news within the same application and aims to provide better access to the world of online media.It searches several video hosts simultaneously and display the best quality results only.- (suggested by Michael)

Note: Feel free to suggest your favourite Adobe Ait applications.