Do you know that? “Honeytech blog is getting sudden rise in the traffic after the  biz (co-founder of twitter) tweets about the post on top 250 twitter clone list“.

twitter_logo_sIn the series of the twitter post you may gone through the top 25 twitter tools for WordPress and now this post is about 35 best mobile applications for twitter.

The List of applications are as follows:


  1. Quakk – Its a very attractive Windows Mobile Twitter application.
  2. Twidroid – Its a full-featured twitter client for android mobile phones.
  3. Twitter Answers – Enables you to Tweet answers and get responses. Like Yahoo Answers for Twitter.
  4. TwitToday -Its a free Windows Mobile 5+ Pocket PC/Professional Twitter widget for posting twitter updates from the Today screen.
  5. Twitter2Go – WAP or XHTML-MP interface that works on Palm, Pocket PC, BlackBerry, and almost any other mobile phone or PDA device.
  6. TwitterBerry – A good twitter client for BlackBerry.
  7. Twittelator – Lets you take Twitter with you on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
  8. Jargong – Allows you to update and receive tweets, support Nokia and Sony Ericsson.
  9. PockeTwit – Awesome twitter client for the Windows Mobile platform
  10. PocketTweets – Another twitter client for iPhone and/or iPod Touches.
  11. Jibjib – Twitter client for any Java-enabled mobile phone.
  12. Mobypicture – Its a service to post to your Tweets through your mobile phone.
  13. ceTwit – Twitter client for Windows Mobile.
  14. TwitterFone – Update Twitter from your mobile phones.
  15. Hahlo – Its a twitter client designed specifically for iPhone and/or iPod Touches.
  16. MobileTwitterrific – iPhone application for using Twitter. WindowsMobileLogo
  17. iTweet2 – A mobile Twitter site designed for the iPhone.
  18. Twobile – Its a new Twitter client for users of Windows Mobile Pocket.
  19. Tiny Twitter – Its a java enabled device (includes the CrackBerry) and Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone.
  20. GetMobio – Twitter client for Windows Mobile, Blackberry or Java-enabled phones
  21. MoTwit – Update Twitter from your Palm OS smartphone or Palm OS PDA or Treo.
  22. Twitteresce – Access your twitter feed using your Java J2ME enabled mobile phone.
  23. GPS Twit – Its an application for iPhone and Windows Mobile.
  24. WidSets – Update your friends over the mobile without having to send an SMS.
  25. Fring – Another twitter client for iPhone and/or iPod Touches.
  26. Abiro Jitter – Its a easy-to-use and fully-featured (Java Twitter) Twitter client for mobile phones.
  27. Twibble – Its a Twitter client application for the Nokia N95.
  28. jTwitter – Allows you to enter twitter updates using your phone without having to send SMS.
  29. Twobile – Its a Twitter client for users of Windows Mobile Pocket PCs
  30. PocketTweetsWeb-based Twitter client for the Apple iPhone.
  31. ThinCloud – Twitter for iPhone you’ll need an iPhone.
  32. Twitsay – Get voice mail messages from your Twitter page. blackberry-logo
  33. Twitter Mobile – The mobile version of Twitter
  34. Blackbird – Twitter client for BlackBerry smartphones.
  35. Twitterpation – An iPhone application that lets you record mixed voice-and-text Tweets.


  1. In case you are looking for twitter mobile application then twitter mobile is another app for java based phones. (suggested by shahid )
  2. Twitter Mobile : A mobile portal/ gateway for the Twitter users. (suggested by Lewis )