Gone are the days when kids use to play with slates, iPad can also be used in educating young kids. Already, there are many apps available which can be used to educate kids and out of them in this post I’m covering only 4 best apps and if I missed any of it, then share it with us via comments!

01. Kindle

Kindle is a very famous iPad application that offers you loads of features and by using this app you can make your device compatible with all other popular Amazon books. In addition to this, you can also download hundreds of books from Kindle for iPad app.

02. Food Additives

This is one of the most important app for parents because it offers you information about 450 food additives that could be unsafe for your kids health. In addition to this, this app also let you how much affect it have on the health of your children.

03. Scribble for iPad

This is a great fun-filled app which works well for both kids and adults. By using this app you can draw pictures on screen. This is a great way to keep kids occupied when you need a few moments can be a fun way to pass the time while you wait in line, etc.

04. Things

Basically, this application was originally made for iPhone which offers the ability to organize all your to-do-lists, project, notes and other things. This is a perfect way to keep your life under control when the rigors of parenting make it difficult.