Conduit this website providing free web tool-bars for your website. By using their service, you can get ready made webtools and you may promote and start advertising or insist others or visitors to get updated about website, such TechCrunch’s toolbar. Now, web workers start to leaving web tools or extensions, people engaging with web based tools which is built-in, installation free, free, safe-secure and giving more ways to navigate websites.


Facebook started link sharing features since 2006 and most recently when you’re going through the facebook you will on top a facebok navigation bar, you can close that bar or you can proceed that way. You can makes comments and you can re-share with others, as well you will see the sharing time duration.


When you’re moving yourself from stumbleupon, you will see on top stumbleupon carring a navigator bar, which will show your some starts about that links. Such as, the ranks of review, how many times it imported as favorites. If you like you can share by one click “I like this” and go for share with your friends and family and also you can again move to home pages.


The digg introduced DiggBar, when you’re moving to the origin websites from digg, DiggBar will be with you and it will show the status just like as stumbleupon but digg is social and making more social connection by DiggBar. Such as, you can re-share to your twitter, facebook networks, by one click make it favorite and see the amounts “how many times it was dugg” and share your feedback with them.

Yahoo Images

In last month, we shared about the faster yahoo image search service. It also introduced new navigator bar and it’s really great that, when you’re searching still you have options to search new keywords on navigation bar.