WordPress.com one of the largest blogging platform, where a user can signup for free and start blogging.
A new user will get 3 GB free space, unlimited bandwidth, secure blogging service, 24/7 free support and so on. The quality of wordpress’s content management is great and it’s better then other CMS based blogging software. As well, they providing free upgraded version, who wants to install wordpress in his/her own host. Within a few clicks, a user can install and as well one click blog step features built in in maximum hosting service and the first preference is wordpress. On WordPress.com, there is only one limitations — you can’t show advertisement or you can’t do anything which brings or generating money or any affiliates which is not allowed by TOS. The search engine optimization (SEO) of WordPress is extremely engine friendly — less then five minutes your contents will be available in Google engine and as well other search engine getting too.

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  1. Introducing WordPress for iPhone 1.2
  2. Anatomy of a WordPress Theme – exploring the files behind your theme
  3. Speed up WordPress with Gears for Firefox
  4. Speed up WordPress with Gears for Safari
  5. Speed up WordPress with Gears for Internet Explorer
  6. Adding a PayPal button to your WordPress.com blog
  7. Add a PayPal button to your self-hosted WordPress blog
  8. One-Click Self-Installation of WordPress with HostICan
  9. 1-Click Self-Installation of WordPress with Media Temple
  10. Installing WordPress with FTP
  11. One-Click Self-Installation of WordPress with DreamHost
  12. One-Click Self-Installation of WordPress with Blue Host
  13. Aggiornamento automatico di WordPress 2.7
  14. Introducing BuddyPress
  15. Welcome to WordPress.tv
  16. Writing and publishing a post
  17. Saving and returning to draft posts & pages
  18. Rearranging the post editor to suit your style
  19. Changing attribution for a post
  20. The Meta widget – easy login and your feed from the sidebar
  21. Previewing and activating themes
  22. The Tag Cloud widget – your obsessions made text
  23. The RSS widget – pulling any feed into your sidebar
  24. The Recent Comments widget – a shortcut to the conversation
  25. The Meta widget – login & feeds from your sidebar
  26. Inviting your friends to WordPress.com
  27. The Flickr Widget – displaying your latest Flickr pictures in your sidebar
  28. The Categories widget – carving up your content into bite-sized pieces
  29. The Stats, Top Clicks and Top Posts widgets
  30. The Akismet widget – showing off how much spam you dodged
  31. The Twitter Friendly Links Plugin
  32. Introducing Post by Email for WordPress.com
  33. The Twitter Friendly Links Plugin
  34. Setting up the Gravatar plugin for WordPress 2.7 (3/3)
  35. Gravatars – How to set one up and get it working (2/3)
  36. Gravatars – What are they and why you should get one (1/3)
  37. WordPress SEO & Optimization Strategies
  38. Creating a static front page for your blog
  39. The Pages widget – adding or excluding a directory of your static content
  40. Displaying a list of links in your sidebar
  41. Adding and deleting categories
  42. The Categories widget – carving up your content into bite-sized pieces
  43. Arranging links into categories
  44. Editing your existing list of links

I have just come from 110+ Massive WordPress Video Tutorial Collection, they enlisted unofficial wordpress video tutorials, where a user can how to install wordpress,how to add images in content area, comments protection, editing, removing, spam protection and so on. On that post, we are trying to share some collest, featured, superb official video from wordpress video press.