What is FTP?

Image by l0ckergn0me via Flickr

Techies or technology geeks share one thing in common. They usually need reliable online tools and apps in order to boost their productivity and make their work easier. If techies have the right recipe of tools and utilities, then their success is fairly guaranteed.

So here are some of the simplest but probably the best technology recipes that every techie should own.

First, every techie should have a ready mix of archive tools (like 7 zip), extractor and computer auditing utilities. Techies work with large files especially when transmitting or receiving development applications. That is why archive and extractor tools are relevant to their work. Auditing utilities on the other hand, will help techies to analyze computer systems, hardware, and software implementations.Here are more than 400 freeware utilities.

Second, techies need desktop optimization tools such as burners (like infrared recorder), readers, and document viewers (Primo Pdf is also used as best alternatives). These utilities can be used so that techies can make their work portable.

A third obvious recipe for making the work of techies simpler is Internet utilities. These include FTP utilities ( like smart ftp, fire ftp , cute ftp ) portable browsers ( firefox,opera,internet explorer,chrome)  for diagnosing sites, and TelNet and SSH clients. (like Putty).Moreover browsershots can be used as the best alternative for checking browsers compatibility.

Of course, techies need to face malicious wares and viruses so they need a technology recipe for resolving these issues. So they need a ready mix of malware removal tool, root kit scanner ( like Sophos Anti-Rootkit ), Trojan detectors, and systems and disk cleaners (like Nonags ,CCleaner).

Lastly, techies will need networking and troubleshooting tools. So they should have port scanner, IP configuration tools, and router optimizer. They should also have restore tools in their technology recipe bags in order to troubleshoot problematic computer systems.

I’ll wait for more recommendation of utilities in comments.Moreover if you have any queries or problem the feel free to ask in help center.