No doubt kids are more innovative and often seeks for fun in their every activities. If you are looking for some tips and ideas that can be used as fun activities for kids then here are the list of 5 Fun Kid Projects by Using Computer & Printers:

  1. The “Coloring Pages” software program is one of the most favorable computer-based projects for kids today. The program allows children to color various shapes and images in just a simple mouse click. However, you can print the colored images in high quality content by saving the program in your desktop’s printer ink cartridges.
  2. Scrapbooking is by far the oldest computer program specially created for kids. The project allows children to customize templates for their scrapbook using the “photo editing” tool. There are tons of computer-based scrapbooking programs available for free download or installation today. Kids can also consider the use of Microsoft programs such as Word, Powerpoint and Publisher.
  3. Traditional Japanese papermaking or famously known as “Origami” is another fun and creative way for kids to use the printer. The project allows kids to challenge themselves in printing shapes and designs made from authentic origami patterns.
  4. The “3D Models” is believed to be the most innovative computer project for children today. The project allows kids, particularly with ages 10 and below, to print extremely high quality images. The latter is usually made from realistic cutout pieces which resemble a 3D-like effect.
  5. Another fun and creative way for kids to use the printer is through the “Paper Dolls” project. Kids can print their paper doll creations by illustrating a simple outline of a body. The outline can be illustrated by hand or single mouse click. However, some paper doll projects can’t be saved using printer cartridge.