A variety of fun printing projects can be done together with the whole family, especially the children, with the use of printers. All it needs are printing equipment like the personal computer and the printer and of course, a dash of creativity and imagination. Five fun printing projects the family can enjoy are discussed in this article.

1. Art Printing Projects – with the use of a computer and printer, parents and children could share their love for art while bonding. Certain program applications on the computer can be used in creating one’s own artwork. Children will surely enjoy seeing outputs of their drawings or their downloaded pictures from the internet. One can also sketch geometric shapes in the computer and then print it out for the kids to color it.

2. Book Printing Projects – this is also a fun printing project. A cheap ink will also do. A family who is inclined to writing stories, poems, and other literary pieces may encode or edit their write-ups with the use of related programs like Microsoft Word, print those, and compile it into a book.

3. Home Decors Printing Projects – one can edit pictures in the computer by putting borders or designs fitted and suited for the picture frame’s size and color. By doing this printing activity, the whole family would surely enjoy moments like this. The kids could also make drawings out of their desktop, print it and turn it into a decorative piece as a sign of their being artistic and creative. The result would be esteem-boosting seeing their works on display.

4. Calendar Printing Projects – personalized calendars are also fun printing projects. With the whole family together, they can create their own calendars for their walls or desks. There are calendar templates in the computer that are readily available for use. Just give it the font style, the color, and the designs of your choice or a family member can put add-ons for the calendar to be better-looking.

5. Sticker Printing Projects – this is another fun printing project with the use of the computer and printer. Personal things of family members need tags and labels. They could type their names and contact numbers with their corresponding designs and the style of their choice. Kids could enjoy choosing their favorite cartoon character on the internet and print it using a sticker paper and post it on their personal belongings.