The fast-paced changes in technology make gadgets and electrical equipments run out of trend. While new printers are being introduced in the market, some printers become obsolete. Repair and maintenance of printers nowadays are quite expensive some would prefer purchasing a new one, instead. Throwing the old one when the new one comes is not advisable. Recycling is a choice. Old and obsolete printers could be used for other purposes. Here are some of great printer ideas for your kids.

Idea 1: Storage Space

You could use old printers for storage space if it is beyond repair. Many older versions of Epson printers will actually make nice little storage for your kids. By taking in all the smaller items inside the printer, you could make bigger space for your kids to store their little things.

Idea 2: Cartoon Characters Painting

Another way to make use of your old printer is to let your kids’ imagination run wild while allowing them to color the printer using their colorful paints and their paint brushes. Let them paint their favorite Superheroes or cartoon characters and put it in display inside their rooms for them to be reminded of their artistry and creativity.

Idea 3: Piggy Bank

Another idea is to let the kids turn the old printers into a piggy bank. This way, you can teach your children to save, you also teach them to be earth friendly.

Idea 4: Flower Pot

Turning the old printers into flower pots is also another great idea. Old and unused printers could be used as flower pot. Let the kids do the whole process, putting the soil, planting, and wait for the flowers to bloom. Let the kids appreciate their love for nature.

Idea 5: Picture Frame

Another way is to make a picture frame. The used printing ink cartridge can be turned into beautiful frames. Kids can make their own designs to decorate their own picture frames.