Edible ink is no idiom at all. It literally means an ink that is safe for the digestion. Here are 5 great ways to use edible ink.

1. Since edible inks are safe to eat, one of its great uses is to use it as decorations to baked foods like cakes, breads and cookies. Photograph cakes usually make use of edible inks. Here, photos are reproduced onto baked goods to add attractiveness to the food. Today, edible inks are now used at commercial bakeries as well as at homes whose family members are fond of baking. Edible inks, being made from natural and synthetic materials would also be great in icing that is to be designed at your cakes.

2. Edible inks can also be used on stylus type pens. If you want an edible gift card, you could use these types of pens writing your thoughts in it. You can choose any color you want however, these colors have no flavors yet. You can also decorate your gifts, cakes and candies with edible paper prints (with the help of canon ink cartridges that are edible.

3. Another use for edible inks is for body tattooing. If you are the artistic type fond of putting colors in your body, you could use edible inks. You could also body tattoo your friends, creating outrageous designs using edible inks. If they turn out not good enough, they would be easily erased since most edible printer inks are water soluble.

4. While most bakeshop use edible inks for the designs of their cakes and other baked goods, why don’t you use your creativity by considering innovations like paper plates, gift bags, or placemats with artistic prints, still with the use of compatible ink cartridges.

5. Another great use of edible inks is stenciling. Making an outline and filling it with images of your choice will surely make you a pro artist. As these outlines find moisture, they will eventually disappear with the marked image you can be proud of.