Printers are helpful tools in the daily activities of a person. The printer, with printer ink cartridges being the tool that generate those encoded in the computer and present the output in a paper, makes an advantageous impact on the part of the users. There are functions of the printer, however, that many users fail to recognize, therefore, disregarding their actual purpose. Five of them are discussed in this article.

  1. For printers with scanners, documents and other memorabilia like pictures can be scanned using these printers so that in cases when these things disappear or get destroyed one day, at least the picture of it or a copy of it was stored in your computer or on your own website, if you got one.
  2. Making one’s own stickers, with the corresponding texts and graphics one wants is also one way to utilize the printer to its maximum. One can name personal things through the stickers printed out of the printer. There are sticker papers available in school and office supplies stores that can be used as printing papers for the stickers.
  3. When special events come, it is but a trend that the celebrant sends an invitation. Printers are useful means to produce the invitations to be sent to friends and relatives one would want to attend to the said special event. Aside from the fact that personalized invitations are a lot cheaper, one can also make the design he/she wants himself as well as necessary edits before it is printed. It would also be a lot of fun personally doing the invitations for the special people in your life.
  4. Home decors could also be made using your printer. From hanging decors to picture frames to origami displays. Invest in your creativity and have fun using your printer.
  5. With the presence of technology, printing directly from the digital camera and is now possible. Your favorite shots can be printed straight from the camera at high resolutions without the need to import them first to the computer.