Disasters (natural calamity) happen anytime and anywhere without any notification and all of them surprised by seeing the after effects of it. The perfect way to minimize impact from disaster is to have documented plan with backup, data recovery raid and trained staff. No one deny from this fact that without proper planning and preparation a natural or man-made disaster ruin a business in no time. To prevent from disaster below are the top 5 handy tips for preventing from disaster recovery.

1. Make sure that every element of disaster recovery is documented and it include location of system and other critical disks having separate hard disk raid with data.

2. Create an automated system which inform you about failure by text. This help you to care about useful thing prior system crash and you can easily perform raid data recovery.

3. Backing up critical data is necessary and you can’t neglect it and it has no relation how good your disaster recovery plan is? And it will be of no use. Make sure you routinely back up your data and ensure backups were successful. Build as much redundancy into system as possible to remove any single points of failure.

4. It is suggested that you just save the important files like passwords and other information in at least two different secure locations.

5. It is better to practice disaster recovery plan once in three months. This helps to do more practice on this plan. This also helps to check whether disaster recovery software is updated or not.

These are few handy disaster recovery tips. If i have missed or forget to include any of the best tip, let us know in comment section!