It is a fact that prices of printer ink cartridges requires a hefty amount from your pocket. Generic brands exist in the market; however, they are still not cheap enough especially if making prints is your business. You have no choice but to buy ink because you need it. There are, however, ways where you can save your ink when printing.

The first tip is to “Print Preview” your work before hitting the “Print” icon. This command allows you to see the input that you are about to print. By doing this, you can adjust the paper settings or the font sizes so you can save space, therefore saving ink resources.

The second tip is to make sure that you have assigned correctly the pages that you are supposed to print as well as the number of copies you need for an output. Printers automatically follow the user’s command so better be careful on what you try to tell them.

The third is to consider whether it is a necessity for the printout to be of higher quality. If it is not that necessary, use the draft setting. This gives your printout a standard result and helps in saving your ink usage.

The fourth consideration is to use replacement cartridges. Generics are much cheaper compared to those of manufacturer brand print cartridges. Using generic inks is most advisable on printing bulk print jobs.

The fifth one is to turn off your printer properly. Take the time to shut down your printer on the right manner otherwise, you might be cutting off the power while the printer’s print head are not on their proper position making the ink dry faster.