India is well known for its culture and festivals which is celebrated with joy, love and enthusiasm. Celebration is all about sharing love and fun – be it any for that case and so is Holi. There are two major days for this festival, Holika Dahan, traditionally a bonfire on the day of Holi, marks the symbolic annihilation of a demoness Holika the sister of demon, Hiranyakashipu, in Hindu mythology, while trying to kill, a devotee, Bhakta Prahlad. Then a day after is played Holi by applying colors on each other’s face and enjoying splashes of water.

No doubts celebrating such kind of festival with tradition is fun, but a serious issue of destroying the environment is involved that cannot be ignored. On holika dahan day, many trees are cut to lighten the bonfire and holi colors have become yet another source of environmental degradation. Then one of the most important and less available resources “Water” is wasted in an abundance amount. With that in mind and to save environment we at honeytechblog offer you 5 unique ways to celebrate eco-friendly Holi, which safe and fun.

1. Make Use Of Social Networks

Thanks to social networks that Holi is not limited only to Indian people, you can celebrate it with anyone across the world. Get your Twitter and Facebook background colored with bright hioli colors. You can also color your friends’ wall with a simple app called Khelo Holi, post messages and send cards on Facebook and have fun playing Holi at Social Networks.

2. Play Holi Online

This is another way of playing virtual holi, you can play holi games online with sites like Zapak and Fupa. They have loads of interesting games associated to Holi that gives real experience of celebrating the fest. Not just that, these sites also offer you interesting points and gifts also.

3. Enjoy Holi Moives and Songs

What is the festival of color without the rang bhare, bhaang bhare Bollywood songs, those intoxicating numbers like Rang Barse, Aaj Na Chodenge? Yes, all you can do is get all your friends and family people gathered to have Holi songs sung by all. Then you also download music, Holi related movies and enjoy watching them all through the day.

4. Get A Holi Tattoo

Youth always believe in proving themselves a rebel and on Holi day you can get adventures by getting a tattoo done with bright colors. Tattoos can be temporary as well as permanent. However, permanent tattooing can prove a tad heavy for your wallet but the sheer joy of watching a beautiful art take shape and add zing to your personality is well worth the price.

5. Use Natural Colors

Many people just can’t image Holi without smashing real colors on their friends face. And for them we have natural colors. Gone are those days when holi colors were prepared from the flowers of trees that blossomed during spring, such as the Indian Coral Tree (parijat) and the Flame of the Forest (Kesu), both of which have bright red flowers. Today no such thing exists yet there are several ways you can make natural colors for holi which are not harmful for skin and environment. Learn more about how to save planet and money

Holi being a social celebration is not limited to one home, so in order to convert it into an environment friendly festival, contribution is necessary from every family of the society. The dream of an eco friendly and non- hazardous Holi could be true only when every individual who take part in the festival, do maximum efforts from his side not to hamper the environment in any way. For this, mass level awareness of people regarding an environment friendly celebrations is required. People need to understand that if some little changes in the celebration pattern can bring worth results for the environment, then these changes are really needed and worthy!