Video site numbers are mostly same every month, apart from few pieces of information that are interesting to know. But soon comScore changed its way of counting videos and that affected Hulu the most. The site used to be the second largest video content in US and now there has been a big drop, because more than 80 percent of video clips on Hulu are ads that are not considered.

According to comScore

Google Sites, driven primarily by video viewing at, ranked as the top online video content property with 143.2 million unique viewers, followed by Yahoo! Sites with 55.1 million viewers. jumped one position to capture the #3 spot with 46.6 million viewers,

Google Sites had the highest number of overall viewing sessions with 1.9 billion and average time spent per viewer at 283 minutes, or 4.7 hours. Hulu also had high viewer engagement with an average of 158 minutes (or 2.6 hours) per viewer, it continued.

YouTube is the clear leader in all ways except in terms of ads. In fact, YouTube only comes in the fifth place when it comes to video ads, just 4.6 per visitor in July, for a total of almost 220 million ads. Hulu leads in this department with 27.9 video ads per viewer, adding up to 783 million ads.

But sensibly speaking, one must also consider the length of video posted. Hulu hosts TV shows and each video is at least several tens of minutes long. And for each of those clips, Hulu will serve several video ads, which does sound obvious!