We all wish to grab as much information as possible when it comes to buying something new, especially when something is really expensive and important. Right there, we need to do a little more digging before buying, take for example LCD TV. LCD TVs, with the decreasing price tag and better performing features are quickly becoming a very desirable alternative to typical CRT set. It does carry some great advantages over Plasma TVs like lower power consumption and no burn in for static displays, which are vital features. No doubts, that LED TVs are better in terms of picture quality, but while looking at the high price tag we feel LCD TVs are the best option available today.

However, before you crack the latest deal on LCD TV, do some homework on what kind of LCD you require. Be precise on the few things such as Native Pixel Resolution, Scaling, Motion Response Time, Contrast Ratio, Brightness, Viewing Angle, Tuner and other Connection Considerations. If you are new then search for a decent LCD TV buying guide then decide further. The next perplexing thing one would face is to decide, which Company LCD TV to buy? There are hundreds of companies looking out to sell their product to you, but when looking for best try your hands on with top companies.

To reduce your work a little on deciding which company to go for, we at honeytechblog have done a comparative study on LCD TV from best companies. Right now, Samsung is the ruling star in the market when it comes to LCD, yet there are other brilliant firms such as LG, Sony, and Panasonic accessible in the market. This is general un-biased comparison that will help your way to best company LCD showroom.

Sales Ratio

When you look at the sales ratio over all, Samsung is the top seller of LCD TV; it sold 2.6 million units of LCD televisions in 2009. Sony is the close competitor, where as we have LG on the third place. So if you want to go by top selling product then go with Samsung LCD TV.


Samsung definitely know what it takes to build up a real stylish product. The company has enormous work to build distinctive style product such as LN55B650 55″ 1080p LCD HDTV and other. It comes with smashing good looks, Touch of Color™ design and DLNA technology means you can harness your entire home network through your HDTV. When it comes to design, also look at the stylish LCD Monitor like Samsung SyncMaster T220 they built, I think they are truly the industry lead in designing aspect.


Top selling might by Samsung, but Sony LCD TV technology are better. This goes well, for people who do not mind spending few hundred dollars extra for getting better features than Samsung. If you wish to get great TV Experience and do not want compromise with the price, then the Sony is a great option with advance technology. Sony TV’s are beyond doubt great for your viewing experience. They have the most technologically advanced equipments and the Latest innovations always ready for you.


This is a very debatable topic, while it is clear that Samsung LCDs are better studded with features than LG TV, on the other hand Sony could be a tough competition. Of course, Sony comes with advanced technology, but Samsung can fetch you similar features at much lower rate. So we prefer going with Samsung again.

Picture Quality

Picture quality usually varies with model to model of any manufacture you go for. It purely depends on the setting you have for the TV. But on the bottom line, personally I like to go with Samsung LCD TVs as they offer great picture quality.

Audio Quality

Audio usually depends on person to person, some of them believe in going for one particular brand. But LG have huge market for speakers and they build better sound quality than other companies. In fact, you get great audio experience with LG and Phillips.


We all look for something specific when buying LCD TV, it could be great design, features, picture quality or audio quality. But at the end we have to work out on price tag. So it merely depends on your budget when buying one, but according the sales ratio we can figure out that Samsung LCDs are best and more sold. For example, Samsung LCD TVs ranges about $280 for a 22-inch screen and for Sony you would pay about $400 for a 19-inch screen approximately.

Customer Service

Customer service is better with LG and Sony when compared to Samsung. So make sure you speak about it with the shop keeper before you make a buying decision.


Comparing these giants is not easy as they all are industry lead and rule in one way or other. In fact, we feel deciding which one is better than other depends more on one’s personal preference than anything else as we only know what kind of product to conclude on. However, when you do not want to shed extra dollars, then Samsung is a great preference. After all, value for money for this company is more than anything you could achieve from other brand. Your price will be justifiable with Samsung. Happy Shopping.