pic2_social-adbarAdExcel is set to revolutionize the Internet advertising industry by introducing several innovative new features that will make Ads sociable with its proprietary Social Performance Advertising technology. With AdExcel, contextual and display advertisements are now enabled with comments and rating system, social recommendation, social media to provide useful insights (e.g. related tweets from Twitter) and thus allowing Ads to take on a life of its own. Advertisers and publishers alike can gain real-time feedback on the likability of users on the ads.

pic4_advertiser-dashbaord For Advertisers, the ability to receive instantaneous feedback from users will minimize the risk of advertising campaigns being a flop. Advertisers will be able to immediately tweak campaign keywords upon knowing that ads might not be popular with users, thereby minimizing potential losses. The ability to receive user feedbacks will ultimately result in a more effective advertising campaign thereby increasing conversion rates and most importantly, increasing return of investment. With this feature, advertisers will not run the risk of advertising campaigns being a failure without knowing the reasons behind it. In fact, AdExcel adds some behavioral features that allow ads to self-learn relevant interests and add smart tags which will improve the campaign effectiveness. Instead of splurging on expensive consultants and ad managers, advertisers can optimize their ads on AdExcel for free.

logo.small Besides that, AdExcel is also introducing Metamorphic Social Ads where advertisers need to create just one advertising campaign, and allow the system to put in place various ad formats. This simplified process will allow advertisers to diversify the ads across various formats in minimal time.

pic5_publisher-dashbaordAs for Publishers and Network Builders, AdExcel is now providing white label services for free what used to be a feature available only to big websites for a large fee – a Personal Ad Network. With this option, publishers have an affiliate option through the customizable AdExcel P ersonal Ad Network Platform to promote their advertising solutions, and gain revenue bonuses for every advertiser and publisher who signs up. With this, Publishers stand to take home a payout rate up to 90%.

A Publishers Social Network is also created for people with similar interests to come together and exchange opinions on various subjects. In addition, the exchanging of network links can help increase traffic in a publisher’s site.

AdExcel is now on Public Beta. In-line with the Public Beta launch, a free $5 Advertising Spending Bonus and $1 Sign-Up Bonus will be offered to every Advertiser and Publisher account being created respectively. Log on to www.AdExcel.com to experience the all new Social Ads

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