Adobe providing free Adobe Flex without any fees — just free of charge. The current economical situation which is so hard to survive and Adobe thinks about those people who are currently unemployed and lost their jobs. If you’re the one or any of your friends — proof it and get your personal use only license for Adobe Flex Builder (see the above images which showing it’s free).

The current price of Flex Builder Pro 3 is $699 and adobe has good motives if you’re skilled with flex you may get a job anywhere and you may show your best performance to employer and you know adobe is better, fastest, growing and boosting the whole web to make it more creative, productive and unique. Why don’t you show your expertise and proof yourself you’re quite different.

If you’re jobless don’t get upset try to present your productivity to others and find your desired employment once again and be happy with Adobe and later you may be capable to buy another one licensed adobe application for you or gift others with supporting motivations.