Typography is certainly a late addition to the web world, but the importance is not unknown. Thanks to new standards of typography that a web designer now has lot more options to choose the just right font for his/her websites. Companies like Typekit is extremely loved by the designers for its online font and now Adobe and Typekit are teaming up to bring some of the world’s most popular, recognizable, and respected fonts to the web.

Typekit’s Bryan Mason announced

Starting today, you’ll be able to use classics like Adobe Garamond, News Gothic, Myriad, and Minion plus many more on your website — all of them newly optimized and hinted for the screen,

The Adobe type team has put a lot of work into these fonts, bringing their years of experience with type and staying focused on the best practices for the web. In addition, they have also made fonts available at every Typekit account level, he added.

This announcement was made on the 1st anniversary of Typekit and it believed in giving web designers a place to legally and simply license fonts for their website. With the addition of the Adobe fonts, designers will now have wider choice and further access to some of the most popular fonts from the print world.