Before Adobe Photoshop CS4 i used to scale the the images with the help of free transform tool. Free transform tool distort the image proportion ratio and needs further fixes. Adobe Photoshop CS4 launched a new feature named “Content Aware Scaling” which is an intelligent scaling technology and an awesome transforming tool. In this post we will discuss few advantages of scaling with the technology of Content Aware Scaling.
Q:Where is the Content Aware Scaling option in the Adobe Photoshop CS4?
A:Go to Edit>Content-Aware Scaling

A sample of image with normal free transform


A sample of image after Content Aware Scaling


Content Aware Scaling can be used in variety of tasks for example you can used it to transform the background without any changes in the object. (Initially in CS3 we used to do so by various practices and laborious methods). Let’s see how to do so:

1.Choose any image and Select the object area in that image (unlock its background in case it is locked)


2.Refine Edge the selection image and optimized the Feather properties


3.Select the Content Aware Scaling from Edit>Content Aware Scaling Option


4.Scale the image according to your need


Sample of the Content Aware Scaling of this image

After Content Aware Scaling

Note: You can also check the Russell Brown episode on “CS4 Content Aware Scaling”