Apple is planning to launch a smaller version of its iPad, with a relatively smaller screen than its previous range of iPads, according to the rumor making rounds all over the internet. The company may unveil the smaller version of the famous gadget this October 17.

Apple is trying to get hold of a new market by launching a 7.85 inch screened iPad, which is smaller than the previous 9.7 inches. The resolution of the screen is also less, when compared to the earlier versions of the product.

apple-logo In the meantime, several cheaper versions of the tablet have flown into the world market, providing ample scope for the consumers to choose from. Yet, Apple is confident of making its presence felt among the competitors, though its price is said to be comparatively higher than the Google Nexus and the Kindle Fire tablet of Amazon.

Meanwhile, it is being said that the former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, was completely against the launching of such small-screened product by the company. He was of the view that the small screen will affect the performance of the touchscreen application. Even with a plenty of other companies launching their smart phones of such dimension at meager price, Apple’s sole factor in thriving in the market (other than the technology) was the screen-size. Mr. Jobs had warned that the company’s product with a small screen would not be able to face the steep market challenge.

Perhaps he was right, as he had a far better experience with dealing in the market, and it should not be forgotten that the company rose to such heights under his able leadership. Now, it is only a matter of time to get the results of the rumored small-screened iPad from Apple.