Are you receiving someone else’s mail Today i get a mail that doesn’t belongs to me (i.e mail id doesn’t belong to me).When i google for the possible reasons then found that there are three usual reasons why Gmail users  may receive others mails.Basically this is due to the fact that when you created a mail id then their are certain clause that Gmail doesn’t allow others to register similar mails,yoy may get blind carbon copy of the mail or you are the victim of spammers.All the reasons are described as follows :-

  1. Might be your address is similar but has more or fewer dots (.) or different capitalization.
  2. Their is possibility that you may receive a message intended for someone whose address resembles yours but has a different number or placement of dots


    Your Main ID but you get mail as or

    Note: Messages sent to,, are all delivered to your inbox, and only yours. [source google Help center

  3. Might be your address isn’t listed in the mail you received.
  4. Their is possibility that you may get a blank id mail ie the sender has mailed you a ‘blind carbon copy,’ or Bcc:. If it happened with you then this means that you won’t see your email address at the top of any message and probably you receive as a blind carbon copy.

  5. Might be you’re receiving spam that’s not addressed to you and you are a victim of dictionary spamming.
  6. Their is probability of getting victim of spam mail (every one of us are victim of spam’s,may be once at least).The is common practice of spammers to send mails with the help of software’s and applications that uses different algorithms to randomly guess email addresses based on words in the dictionary.These types of spam’s are known as Dictionary spamming and hence spammers know as Dictionary spammers.