Blocking Mark Zuckerberg – The CEO and founder of Facebook is now not possible, which was supposedly allowed earlier. Like how you could block any other Facebook user, blocking Zuck will show “block failed” error. There is no clear message posted on why he cannot be blocked.

You can try yourself, visit Zuck’s Facebook page and locate “Report/Block this person” link and click on it. In the overlay window that pops up select “block this person”, and then click submit. You should be greeted with the “General Block failed error: Block failed” message. So what does all this mean? Well, most likely, absolutely nothing.

The majority of Facebook users obviously have no reason whatsoever to block Zuckerberg just like they might not have any reason to block many of the other Facebook users. But only reason why people could get upset over this is because the site is maybe too big for this kind of ‘pranks.’ But if you really had a reason to block Zuck, then your hard luck.

The website Block Zuck, very much described by its name, used to have step-by-step instructions on how to block Zuckerberg on his site. However, the feature does not work anymore. It’s doubtful that the move had anything to do with the site as such, but perhaps there really were too many people wanting blocking the CEO. Whatever the reason, all the attention would probably encourage Facebook to say something, or just fix the block issue.