In spite of several competitors in the web industry, Blogger still has its charm. And if you are one among blogger then here is a good news for you. Yes, Blogger is turning 11 this month and there is a party organized for the worldwide bloggers. What actually Blogger is conducting is an old-fashioned blogger meet-up for users across the world. So, you can get in touch with bloggers close to, locate a suitable location, go out and enjoy. Blogger is even supplying the print-out party hats.

Seth Shamban from Blogger wrote

Last year, Blogger turned ten. We were excited to present you with a (small-but-mighty) bounty of gifts, a token to commemorate all of your contributions over the years. For Blogger’s 11th birthday, we’re hosting the first ever Blogger global birthday party!

We’ll keep it simple—we set the date, you set the parties and Meetup Everywhere will help facilitate (free of charge!). Through the wonder of Meetup Everywhere, you’ll be able to find other bloggers in your area and either join a celebration that has already been set up or start a new party local to you,” he explained. is the way for blogger to organize this birthday party worldwide. Few events have been created so far and the number is growing fast. Well, there is no size limit as long as Blogger is concerned, and it is also supplying a downloadable party pack. The PDF document has printable templates for the things you will require for the party, name tags, registration list, party hats and even directional signs for the people to find the “fiesta.”

You are free to create a new party in your town on the Meetup page or join the existing ones. So don’t miss out on this if you love blogging, as you never know who you could meetup with!