Bump is a technological way of shaking hands. Generally you shake hands on deal or for networking, similarly bump is a quick way to connect two phones. ||> Bump <|| together two mobile phones (having bump installed on it) to share contacts and lots of possible information like picture, calendar events, website details, blog details and even android applications. Bump is available for iPhone and Android which covers the most of the growing market of smart phones. So next time you meet just bump your smart phones !

Bump in Video Demo

How to use bump on android

Bump Connecting on Android [Samsung GalaxyS]

Bump Setup on Android [Samsung GalaxyS]

Bump Setup Edit on Android [Samsung GalaxyS]

Attach photos in Bump mobile application

Attach Contacts in Bump mobile application

Attach Apps in Bump mobile application

Note: Let use know if you liked this application or not. Moreover you can also suggest some more applications for android, iPhones and iPads.