The Living Room is new campaign from Samsung Smart TV. The smart living room illustrates the ideal room on the basis of your living style, age, location and interests.

The Living Room Campaign from Samsung Smart TV

Features of Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV have features like Smart Hub with which you can easily access the search all feature, see movie and app on auto recommendations, open the Web Browser or launch all the apps your have downloaded to your TV. You can also use Samsung App Store (To start using the Samsung Apps platform on your Samsung TV you must first connect your TV to the internet) and can easily use the Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other available games. The detailed features are as follows:

  1. Smart Hub of Samsung Smart TV – Houses multiple widgets on the TV which will enable the user to download applications and access different content – games, lifestyle, business, entertainment applications
  2. Search All features in Samsung Smart TV
  3. All Share in Samsung Smart TV – Connect your digital camera, laptop, Android phones and iPhone to the Smart TV wirelessly using DLNA. Connect multiple devices at the same time. Use applications from your mobile phone on the TV.
  4. Web – You can easily browse the web in Samsung Smart TV
  5. Multi-tasking in Samsung Smart TV – Customize your screen as per your requirement – Watch TV, browse the internet, chat, e-mail, all on one screen at the same time
  6. Video – Choose from a list of movies, see the reviews and watch anytime
  7. With Skype video chatting in Samsung Smart TV you can have Video chat with friends
  8. Use one remote to control all the AV devices in the room
  9. Integration of the iPhone/android device with the Samsung Smart TV will enable viewing different content simultaneously.

List of available apps and games for Samsung Smart Tv

Utilities/Social Apps
Rockswap (Accedo 1)
Family Dice
Draculas’ coffin  (Accedo 4)
Google Map
QuizzMaster (Accedo 5)
Sudoku (Accedo 6)
Theme Dictionary
Dynamic Bowling
Magic Cube
Sodoku Plus
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