Recently i come across a video on vimeo which reminds me of the digital telecommunication networks and the days of graduation lectures.Although i remembered that how we use to learn about the channel capacity available in digital telecommunication networks ,Packet switching and long history of the evolutions of the internet.In digital communications their are various evolutions in switching networking.Do you know that the base excogitation of packet switching was first explored by Paul Baran in the early 1960s, and then independently a few years later by Donald Davies (Abbate, 2000).Check this presentation on packet switching.

Here is the excellent and informative video based on the history of the internet which describes the origin of the internet ranging from following process:

  • Single computer to switching networks
  • Development of Switching networks
  • Introduction of packet switching
  • Use of nodes  in the communications
  • Finding better ways of problem free transmitions
  • Evolution of X.25 protocol
  • Introduction OSI reference model
  • Evolutions of TCP IP protocol
  • Birth of the “Internet

Extra: Their after their are several advancement in the modes of the communications having faster and backup layers.These modes of communications are often used in private networks