Android Jelly Bean is an upgraded version of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS. There hasn’t been any radical change between the two, yet some minor differences are there. There have been some changes regarding the notification center of both the operating system, the Jelly Bean offers a better layout, an attractive look along with a better UI than the Ice Cream Sandwich. In case you have received any message or email, the Jelly Bean will notify that through an image within the center of notification.

Android Jelly Bean

The new Jelly Bean even has an optimized notification space, in comparison with the Ice Cream Sandwich. The notifications in the newer version are small and are even textual. The Jelly Bean also features the date and time, while the Ice Cream Sandwich features only date. Jelly Bean system is somewhat faster than all its counterparts. The response time and the performance of this operating system exceed that of the earlier version of Ice Cream Sandwich.

The widgets of the Android Jelly Bean are resizable, a feature which is absent in the other version of the Android. It also features a high resolution of the contact images and the photographs, when compared to the Ice Cream Sandwich.

Moreover, the new Jelly Bean also provides over 200 newest miscellaneous functions over the older OS. Even the inclusion of offline dictation and the feature of ‘over the voice search’ give it an edge over the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android.

In addition to all these, the shutter speed of the camera of the jelly Bean is also faster than that of the Ice Cream Sandwich.