Already, there are lots of websites which offer you to share images with your friends and some of them offer so many features that you didn’t want to use any new website. In this post, I’m sharing a new website called Imgur. Now first question you ask me what makes it different from other websites? To answer your question, this post has been written.

If you are using Imgur first time, then you need to create an account and there is no need to pay anything (it is completely free). Once you made an account all you need is to upload images to Imgur and all these images stored privately in your dashboard itself. Users have complete freedom to keep images public or private, delete them at anytime, upload as many as user want and create albums, etc. on your account.

One thing I like about Imgur is that, it does not have any CAPTCHA code for uploading images at Imgur. In addition to this, developers of Imgur made this website so useful that you can upload a useful tool (only when you have a good knowledge of programming).


It does not allow user to upload images more than 2MB and once you made a donation to this website then you can easily transfer 3MB file without any problem.

Do you find this website useful? If yes, let us share your feedback with us in comments!!