Do great men smoke?
Did they? Do they? Should they?
Smoking as we all know is the curse of the Beelzebub. We differ in opinions about everything but smoking offers only a mono perspective- a fall. Some might say- “who cares”: all brave souls. But this article isn’t about the effects of doping or about marking a merely delusional remark on the business of smoking industry, or carrying out a brief summary on the clinical cogent evidences about the hazards of smoking.


This article simply puts up a difference, so poignantly ignored, between the great and not so great people, as both of them derive smoking a part of their chauvinism, but clearly forget what the upcoming not so great generations derive from their act.
Let’s start with a Few Great Men. Mahatma Gandhi, for example Smoked. Yes he did when he went abroad to practice law but later he stopped realizing his mistake that it was against religion and law. Did Einstein smoke? He smoked cigar and pipe despite his wife Elsa and his doctors forbid him to smoke. Classic, isn’t it?

What about our American leaders?


Yes, Franklin Roosevelt smoked cigarettes, and held them with an ivory holder. Some modern politically correct publishers are digitally removing FDR’s cigarettes from pictures of him. Abraham Lincoln liked to smoke marijuana, Abraham Lincoln had 375 acres of marijuana growing in fields told to be corn behind the white house.

Forbid Leaders, Let’s talk about the Musicians, now, as there is no doubt or question to be urged pertaining to drugs but still; John Lennon and the other Beatles were turned on to marijuana by Bob Dylan, and you can bet it wasn’t for religious reasons, it was fun. Now, what about the greatest dictator ever born: Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) was a smoker from 1897 – 1924, and had typical smoker symptoms. Little Adolf was caught smoking when he was eight. So he was expelled, “dismissed . . . because he was caught smoking in the gardens.” Source: Dr. Walter C. Langer, The Mind of Adolf Hitler.

Quit past, what about the present?

ABC News’ Sunlen Miller Reports: Senator Barack Obama told reporters in St. Louis today that he has fallen off the wagon and smoked cigarettes in the last few months.
Once a heavy smoker, he publicly gave up the habit, per his wife’s request, to run for president. Since quitting, Obama has indicated in the past that he has “fallen off the wagon” but before today was not specific about how recent his smoking was. “Months,” Obama said of the last time he has smoked. Obama regularly chews Nicorette while not at campaign events, and the recent release of a doctor’s note from his primary care physician indicated that it has brought him a level of success.

His own history included intermittent cigarette smoking,” David L. Scheiner, M.D. wrote in a letter released to reporters. “He has quit this practice on several occasions and is currently using Nicorette gum with success.
Now, the last question, should they smoke? The doctors would say “no”, a teenager would say “right on”, a person of my age would look above and ponder with several repetitive blinks, lighting up a smoke. Thanks for reading this article, and do tell us if you smoke or not! 😀