Twitzap an web based twitter clients which is neat and clean, faster and better then twitter — specially when twitter is slower. Twitzap has search channels which brings the main differentiation in between of other twitter apps. Click on your username from the menu on right hand side and and start quicker search there. Twitzap which is automated and giving real time results. You can search this terms, “social media, web 2.0 and add them in the menu area.

TwitZap’s site is updated automatically and in real time, at the speed you choose with the little bar in the upper left corner. Turn the knob all the way left, and the updates will be paused. This is a nice improvement from Twitter’s standard page which has to be updated manually. Although still in beta (what isn’t these days), TwitZap offers a nice blend of features which just might make it worth your while. On the other hand, advanced clients like Tweetdeck (TweetDeck reviews) offer a lot more functionality, so users who are already used to them might prefer to wait till their favorite client adds these features. But, if you’re using the standard Twitter interface and want some improvements without switching to a desktop client, TwitZap is a solid choice — Mashabel says. It’s really awesome web applications and brings more faster twitting expernces.